Sunday Morning.

3:04 PM

Sunday will forever be my favourite day of the week! =D

After yesterday's outings, I managed to chill with my mask and painted my nails a cool black/maroon shade. (Right now, I'm going back slightly to my Emo Rocker roots since My Chemical Romance's new album is dropping soon this November and NO ONE IN THE WORLD is more excited than I am about that!!) And I get to eat out and eat all my fave foods. Although that part is slightly flawed 'cos I'm having major bad toothache and my wisdom tooth is killing me. The left side of my throat and gums are swollen and for about 3 days all I could eat was porridge and soft foods. But now I'm kinda used to the pain and the throbbing and I can totally bare it when I eat stuff. SO I got to eat great food today and drink my super awesome Matcha Soy Blend with Red Bean (Jollybean PWNS Mr Bean).

Also, there is just something about Sundays. The weather is always so perfect with the sun shining in the most lovely way into my room, making it look messy but cosy. I love hanging and lazing around in my room on sundays. I wish everyday is Sunday. =)

But of course this only applies to sunday mornings till late afternoons. Once it reaches the night time, the looming school day kinda spoils everything. So, right now, I'm just gonna enjoy this moment. Before school kicks my ass again on Monday.

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