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I never really noticed it, but doesn't it totally make sense? I know I've always laughed at Nigella Lawson when she goes to the fridge at night in her robe and eats leftover food from the fridge. But now I completely understand where she comes from. Maybe it's 'cos I've been sleeping so late everyday (like around 3-4am), my stomach gets ridiculously hungry at around 2am and I'll have trouble getting to sleep until the only solution is to eat. And I think I am the only person in the entire world who can wake up, 'cos my stomach is growling. I'll wake up instinctively at around 9am to eat breakfast no matter how late I sleep, simply because I'm hungry. I'll eat a huge breakfast, until I am full and then get back to sleep.

Not to mention, I've had close to NIL exercise lately. I am just too exhausted from school to care. And school always gets me SO DEPRESSED that all I can think about is my craving for food which is the only thing that brings me happiness. It's really sad, but true.

HENCE, I really shouldn't have been surprised when I finally weighed myself and realized that I gained 5kg. FIVE KILOGRAMS. OMFG. When I saw the scale I almost threw that thing out of the window in a fit of rage. I knew that my clothes have been a little tight but I didn't know that it was gonna be THAT bad. And I tried to diet after that but failed miserably simply 'cos I get so down from school, that I just go, "Ah, whatever." and end up eating what I want. This adds another blow to my already down self-esteem. Gets so awful really.


I am determined not to let this post be a whiny, draggy post about how my life is spiraling (which it is). Today was a great day as I took a break from it all. I didn't even touch or looked at my assignments and all the work I had to do, 'cos I am just so damn sick of it. And if I hear another person talking about studying and mugging, I swear, I might just smash my fist into their faces. No kidding.

So I just took a break from it all. It was so nice to dress up, wearing my lovely blue heels and putting on my make-up nicely. Then meeting up with Gaya and Keetha. Initially we wanted to catch a scary flick. But any trip out with Gaya, somehow or other ends with shopping. After looking through all the shops and realizing that it has been a while since we browsed and shopped, we decided to just abandon our initial plan.

Shopping is such a magical, magical thing.

I cannot even begin to tell you the feeling of looking at all these wonderful items and clothes and spotting a good piece. Trying them on and contemplating. It's the wonderful type of stress. I only pray that one day I can shop without the stress of being on a budget but even with this kind of stress, the rewards at the end when I purchase my item and feel that RUSH OF ADRENALINE as I carry that shopping bag out of the store, it's like the best painkiller in the world.

To be honest, I wasn't planning on getting anything big. 'Cos Gaya and Keetha actually wanted to shop stuff for their deepavali coming up soon. But naturally, when I plan to not shop much, I end up doing the MOST shopping. Way to go! Eventhough I feel extremely guilty for spending all that money, I am super happy with my purchases. I bought two skirts. One is a tulle tutu skirt that I've been looking to buy for quite some time and then, I had an impulse buy for another skirt. But the second one was really expensive. It was a vintagey long flowy skirt. Something that is SO NOT my usual style, but I thought it would be nice to change it up abit. Plus, modest hemlines are so 'in' right now, especially for the fall season.

I cannot wait to wear them out! And show them off and try out new outfit combinations. Unfortunately, I can't wear them to school without sticking out like a sore thumb and people judging me. So hopefully, I get to go out soon and I'll take a picture. My camera's out of order but I'm gonna try and fix it asap.

I have so many things to buy. I wanna get an orange lipstick from MAC and some dark grey eyeshadow too. And I need new tops to wear out and to school. But I'm super tight on cash now. November's coming soon and I'm gonna try and do some financial planning this time. 'Cos apparently, according to some weird FB quiz, I'll be an accountant in 10 years time...

Wtf? HAHA!

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