It hits me.

2:57 AM

Story of my life.

It sucks that I know what I wanna do and I knew it earlier on. But my parents don't believe in me enough to invest their money in it. I want to be that person who's majoring in music and theatre. I want to be that person who makes music everyday and is surrounded by nothing but talent and art. I want to be that person who focuses on foreign languages, in hopes of getting the oppurtunity to perform overseas.

I know it. It's in me.

But after years of stiff education, what little spark of talent I had before, when I was young was trampled.

And each day that I step into campus, knowing that I SHOULD be grateful for this, I can't find it within myself to genuinely feel happy. In this country, in this system, in this place of 'high education'. Because I know.

This is not where I belong.

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