Insomnaic's Rants

3:17 AM

It is 3.20am and I am WIDE AWAKE.


And damn you Gossip Girl for being the centre of my life and my reason for living. I look forward to every Tuesday and get high on happiness as I watch it and peak. Then I fall into depression as I wait for the next episode. My main reason is of course, CHUCK & BLAIR. I realize that due to the happenings of this week's episode, my tumblr is a major spam-age of Chuck & Blair stuff. Haha. Excessive, I know. But it's all about living vicariously through fictional characters. And to make up for the absolute lack of drama, hot people and love in my life.

I have to dedicate the whole of tomorrow to doing my theatre studies fieldwork. Hopefully I can finish it in time.

Today, the most amazing thing happened to me. Since it's the last week of school, I decided not to care what other people think and ignore their stares just for this week and dressed up the way I have always wanted. I wore my vintage outfit with my skirt and beanie. I got alot of stupid, loathsome stares. Naturally. The whole 'look-at-this-girl-trying-to-show-off' look. But I didn't care. And while I was sitting by myself, rushing through my homework as I was waiting for my group members to come, a hot spanish-looking exchange student came up to me. Thinking he needed directions, I took off my earpiece. Then he came up and actually complimented me on how I looked.

Can you believe that?!

I was so stunned. All I could muster was a choked and stunned 'thank you'. After a pause he walked away and I realized that I should've asked for his name at least. UGH. I AM AN IDIOT. WHAT A WASTE. But what was I to do? This almost never happens. And I hardly ever get compliments, honestly. WOW. Nevertheless, it totally made my day.

The lesson learnt = I should just be myself. Even if it goes against the norm.

ANYWAY, I am gonna try and fall asleep, somehow. Blogging doesn't help and doesn't make me tired at all. I just wish Chuck & Blair would hurry up and confess their undying love for each other.


*sigh* When I watch them, I seriously wish I have a cool boyfriend. But I don't so, for now, I'm listening to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory (for old time's sake. One of my fave rock albums ever) and Gossip's Music For Men (I will tell y'all more about this AWESOME band another time).

Goodnight! hopefully...

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