2:41 AM

Today, I had a number of people criticizing me. I was called ugly and looking like shit twice today on different occasions and by different people. And my dad for the first time ever in my life called me fat today. Usually it's my mum who would say such things. So the fact that my dad said it, means that it is obvious and true.

To sum it up, for some reason, today everyone kept reiterating that I am 1) Ugly and 2) Fat.

Wow. Thanks, guys. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I already knew these facts long ago, there is no need to say it to my face, even if it is 'disguised' as a joke. And a BADLY disguised joke, I might add.

My self-confidence is at its all time lowest point now. Which is really sucky. I wanna do something about my weight but I never have the willpower to become anorexic and I can't throw up. There's no time to exercise so, I guess I'm stuck.

I just wish I can get plastic surgery and sculpt myself into the type of person I had always dreamed of looking.

Why I just said all this blatantly is simply 'cos I am used to it. And 'cos they are the major happenings of my day today. Except for the other fact that I went through more than 24 hours without sleeping due to some stupid assignment. I just did it the whole night and went to school after that since it;s about that time anyway. Yea, so not only am I exhausted, I was verbally assaulted today.

What a wonderful world.

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