Musically inclined (not)

1:11 AM

Tobe honest, I tried to blog three times in the past few weeks. But things haven't been going so well, so it sounded like I was whining again and decided not to post them. SO this time I am determined not to be negative. There is already so much negativity in my life. I have to somehow think of things that I love and focus on them.


I am so in love with musicals! I have been having the greatest urge to do musicals and to go for musicals because nothing is more awesome than breaking into song in mid sentence. I wish I could do that. And be a performer in Broadway. That would be the dream... But then again, with my less than mediocre voice, I probably can't even pass being a bar singer. I've been thinking of a lot of things lately. There are so many things I want to learn.

I've even made a list of all the things I wanna learn and achieve and do... And sadly, I am not learning or achieving any of them in Uni. At all. Not one.

I dunno, it just made me feel really sad 'cos I feel like my parents should've spent this money on other things. OH CRAP, and in the end STILL, I am negative. Whatever. I'm posting this.

(I miss you, Jen!! I wish you can watch musicals with me. I have no one to go with.)

Shopping is a great opiate. But there is less kick in it when you are gaining weight. Which I am. And even a lesser kick when my shopping buddy is gone too.

"Who is this fat chick shopping by herself? OH WAIT. It's my reflection."

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