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Something good to blog about. =)

I managed to hang out with all my friends this week which is GREAT because at times like these when I feel really crappy about school and about how lonely I am, I realize that friends are the best cure (besides shopping) to help alleviate the sadness. I got to hang out Gaya and Keetha and we went shopping in town. Which is something I haven't done in a while. I brought them to afew places that they haven't been to and we all bought some new clothes. I bought SHOES (AGAIN). YES YES YES... I know I know. This would be the second pair I bought this month but how CAN I RESIST it's gorgeousness?!! And that inexplicable feeling of putting them on and seeing how awesome they look and that extra height just adds that special boost of confidence. I know I have a mjor shoe addiction. It's pretty serious. I will try to remedy the situation by NOT buying any more shoes... for this month and next month!! (OMG, this would be difficult)

Also, I got to hang out Cherlyn and Kaijia. I haven't seen Kaijia in a trazillion billion years. HAHA! She looked so different but at the same time the same? I dunno how to say it, but she definitely changed alot without changing herself too much. She was so matured and she looked really good! We camwhored a little. And that was when I realized I forgot how to camwhore! DARN MY AGED-NESS. I am so old. I used to be able to take better pictures but now when there's a camera in front of me, I dunno what to do anymore. But we tried all sorts of things and it was fun! I felt like i was back in my secondary and JC days when I was more carefree and I could do all sorts of silly things without caring what anyone else thought. Mannn, I miss those days. Plus, I was super happy getting to eat MY FAVE FROYO EVER, Yigloo and was elated to find out that they have a new branch at Plaza Singapura which is nearer to my house (though not THAT near). SO I WILL GO THERE and indulge every week to make myself feel better.

Here are some pics!

Ate good food!! Although I wasn't too fond of all that cheese. I probably one of the ONLY few people in the world who isn't lactose intolerant and hates cheese (along with other dairy products). Yesss, yess, I know that's weird. But I can't help it. I don't like the taste and the after taste.

Cherlyn! This is her normal face. HAHA! She looks like she's going to the beach or smth. Some people know her as the blonde girl in school. You are so conspicuous, giiirrrlll!

Kaijia! With her now dark hair and little make up and clear skin. Way to go, gurl! =)

Cherlyn's iPhone app is really cool! We got to try all sorts of photo effects. I really liked it and since it's not high on megapixels, it doesn't reveal flaws and thank goodness for that.

And Thanks Goodness for friends. =)

Anyways, I gotta blast 'cos I've got a project meeting early tmr morning. Which BLOWS 'cos I really wanted to sleep in on my weekends but apparently, I can't do that anymore thanks to the work that has been piling up. Plus, the stuff they are teaching now are getting more and more complicated as we get closer to the final exams and closer to the end of the modules. I'm still trying understand everything whilst fighting my easily distracted, procrastinating self.

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