Alex - Reborn!

10:25 PM

How's everyone doing?

School has officially started. And NUS is a confusing and boring place to be in. The place is inconvenient and there isn't really anything enjoyable about the whole school experience. Lessons are a tricky process. Getting the modules and tutorials I desire proved to be a very difficult thing. The lectures are pretty boring, and so are the people around me. Thank Goodness I at least have some friends there I guess. But I'm mostly alone in my modules so that's a bummer. To be honest, I am not enjoying it one bit. I hate the fact that I have to start studying again and I won't be able to do all the things that I wanna do anymore. Where did the 8 months go, man? Well, it was still one of the best most carefree times ever.

Since school started, and I received some bad news about my vacation at the end of the year being cancelled, I've been feeling extra down in the dumps. Like super depressed. And all the dramas I've been watching has made me feel extra lonely. So, I decided to cheer myself up. 'Cos I deserve it. And I will need something like this for the long rides to school. And as a good distraction when things get tough.

I finally got myself a PSP!

HAHA! With my own money too. I've contemplating to get a Nintendo DS actually. It looks so much nicer to me. And it is a something that is specifically for games, which why I liked it so much. Plus it's heck of alot cheaper. But then I saw a Clazziquai Edition of DJ Max and i realized, I had to get a PSP. 'Cos I love Alex from Clazziquai THIS MUCH. And I DID! I just DID IT. Like the next day, out of a whim. So, now I am totally lovin' it. I didn't regret my decision at all. PSP is soooo awesome. I bought a Deep Red one. Eventhough I wanted the deep blue one, but there was no stock so, I decided okay, fine. I'll just get the red which is still really pretty.

I have never realized the FUN-NESS that is a PSP until recently. I was thinking, "Where have you been all my life?". I mean, I have always loved games. Me and Diy, we're game junkies and love arcades and game consoles. But I never really had the guts to get one 'cos I'm always so afraid of getting hooked. So, now I am gonna try my best to moderate it and not be sooooo into it, like I usually would when I start to like a game. Currently, I'm a DJ Max junkie (I think I have every possible edition or close to that. I'm not THAT good, like I can't do so many bars and like I'm actually pretty slow, but I think the songs are NICE!) and I'm playing Persona 3, which is FUN but really long-winded.


Anyways, I went out kboxing with my JC friends at this cool Karaoke place which has a great selection of songs. We went WILD. It was fun!! Eventhough I didn't really understand the chinese songs, it got crazy when we started singing all the clubbing songs! HAHA! Naturally, I was leading the pack with my mad rapping skizzles. Yeah, peace bro word to your mother... That kind of bad ass, you just can't fake it, man.

Also, I've been hanging out with Jen alot! Had a fab fab time as always! We always eat somewhere special and we do as many things as we can. We've been arcading alot. HAHA! I think I have converted Jen into a Game Geek like me! =P HEEHEE! She got so into Time Crisis 4, something I have never seen her do before. And we shopped alot! Which is bad, but I will need clothes for uni, I guess, although no one really dresses up there. It's like home clothes, literally. Everyone's in study mode, I guess, in uni. It sucks. And I feel guilty, 'cos I am nowhere NEAR as studious. And I DON'T like studying or acquiring 'knowledge'.

Uni is gonna be the hardest thing ever. THE DULLEST CHAPTER OF MY LIFE. Yucks. I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

Thank God for Alex (my new PSP), it will cure my nausea... Or at least suppress it.

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