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9:36 PM

It's officially one more week till the start of school. I'm really really nervous about the whole thing. Call me a pussy or unadventurous but I honestly don't feel like 'embarking' on a new journey and opening a new chapter in my life.

Blah blah blah.

If I wanna open anything, I would wanna do it anywhere else but NUS. College overseas look like... Erm, Okay. I should just stop. It's getting repetitive. Anyways, I'm not doing much. Except I just busted whatever money I had left on my DREAM TRENCHCOAT!! If shopping is a skill, I gotta say I've got mad skizzles. Or more like lucky skills. I am always so lucky. =) I hate to brag but I love shopping and shopping loves me.

And so I was in the middle of a family function, nothing really happening and bored out of my mind. Until one of my close cousins came and things were looking up. But nothing compared to my shock and DELIGHT when I received an unsuspecting text message from Gaya. She told me that my coat (This gorgeous gray-ish lacey, flare coat from Warehouse) is ON SALE. Like major ass sale. I was like OMFG! NO WAY. 'Cos I honestly thought I couldn't get it. The last I saw, there were very pieces left and Warehouse seemed to have cleared out their coats collection. I couldn't believe my luck when it came back and the price is unbelievable! I rushed to Warehouse the next day and I immediately found it! The last one in my size. I didn't even think about it and just purchased it. Eventhough, I know for sure that I won't be able to use it much. Still, it's an investment, I'll need it eventually. And basically, I just love it so much. I couldn't let myself NOT have it. Plus I got it at a great price seeing as it was $263 before that.

ABOVE ALL, I have to thank Jenny for introducing me to this guy, JUSTIN NOZUKA. He's so brilliant. SO SO SO BRILLIANT. I am listening to both his albums all day and thinking, how awesome his songs and voice are. He's half Japanese and half Canadian. Full on talent.

This is one of my favourite songs by him. HE IS SO HOT HERE TOO! OMG. I think I love him.

Over and over I hear you in the halls
Over and over I wake up with my pillows in my arms
Oh baby when you coming home
A day without you is a day without the sun

Be back Be back Be back soon.

*sigh* He is so lovely.

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