I wanna Time-bend.

10:49 PM


I am super hyped about that. Finally, I have the time to rest and relax and really chill out. Unfortunately, this blissful feeling of having nothing to do will be short-lived as school term is around the corner. And I know for a fact that 2 weeks will whizz by in a blink of an eye. Next thing I know, I'll be having my first day in college.

Talk about scary.

I am so nervous about college and I don't even know what to expect. The entire thing is horribly scary and right now, I don't even wanna think about it. Eventhough it's hard not to when I have to preare so much for the registration and stuff. I have to make sure that this whole 'registering for uni' process doesn't get in the way of my RELAXATION TIME. Which is extremely precious. I'm not planning to do much but bum around at home, pigging out, watching my dramas (YAY TO THAT) and reading my books (you'll be glad to know that I've read three books so far. Not bad, eh? But horrible repercussions... a.k.a LACK of sleep. Once I get hooked on a book, I tend to end up sleeping at 4am). But I'm planning to go out on some days I guess. Plus I've got my korean classes so, I'll still be pretty busy.

I wanna COSPLAY!!

Random, but I got looking around in the interweb for Avatar: Last Airbender info and found some cool cosplays of the characters. Props to these people who I think look a gazillion times more convincing as the characters than the movie that's coming out soon.

HOMG, I was blown out of my mind when I saw this. SO HOT. Especially Mai. Like seriously, THAT is Mai right there. No doubt about it. It's like the character was BASED on her. Plus the guy cosplaying as Zuko had Zuko's EYE COLOUR. It's that amber, brown green thing that is so cool. Thumbs up to the hottest couple in Avatar.

This guy is SO Zuko. And I'd tap him 'cos I have always had the biggest crush on Zuko. He's my fave character in Avatar, after Toph ('cos she is so badass-like) and if I saw him like across the street, going to some cosplay convention. I would run across that street and rape him.

This one is my fave of all my cosplay finds 'cos I think M Night Shyamalan (is that how you spell his name?) should FIND this chick and hire her to play Toph. Why? 'Cos it's SO OBVIOUS. She IS TOPH. Plus bonus points for making the cool special effects thing so it really looks like she's earth bending. Super awesome mind-bending pictures!

I suppose this is how an Asian Katara would look like. Seeing as both Katara and Soka aren't asian at all in the movie. I didn't mind, I just found it a little surprising. I've always imagined all the kingdoms to be asians. And WHY NOT? Asians are cool. Plus KUDOS for the super realistic water bending in the pic. I hope the movie won't disappoint me (eventhough the casting kind of already did).

I expect the effects to be even better than the ones in these pics. Needless to say I am SUPER PSYCHED about Avatar: Last Airbender coming to the shores of Singapore and gracing our theatre screens.

It better do the animated series (BEST EVER BTW) justice. 'Cos if not, I'll freakin' blood-bend M Night Shyamalan to death.


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