Hair Mugshot.

11:44 PM

Hey! Okay, NUS is sending over a bunch of letters all about registration and stuff. It's so BLOODY complicated. Like why it just be like school last time? All I had to do to go from primary school to Secondary school to JC was to show up on the first day of school. DONE.

With uni, there's medical check ups and this form to fill out and that form to fill out and this and that to apply for. So complicated. And annoying and troublesome.

Okay, I'll stop the whining for now.

So, many are curious about my hair. It isn't a short as you think but I think it's a significant difference, seeing as my hair was past my waist before I cut it. And some couldn't recognise me until I was waving my hand in front of their faces. This is quite drastic, people. I guess I should just post a pic of myself here. Not that many go to my blog, but at least my friends who I haven't met up for a while know how I'm doing and how I look like now. Let me just remind you that my hair is still in the early days of post-rebondage. That means, it's EXTREMELY STRAIGHT and like BROOMSTICK-LIKE. So, it's actually pretty nasty and gross. But it'll get better with time, I guess. Once it looks more natural.

This is how it looks like now. PLS DON'T LAUGH OKAY.

I do apologize for the horrible quality of the picture. It was taken with my lousy ass phone camera. The inner camera is VGA with no megapixel whatsoever. Hence the lousy-ass quality. Plus it was indoors, at my workplace. So lousy ass camera, plus lousy ass lighting. Equals lousy ass picture. Sounds like I'm making excuses for my picture. HAHA! Which I am.

Well, it might not be perfect and it isn't anything special but it was a HELL OF ALOT better than how the first hairstylist cut it. So, I can't help but feel relieved that it's at least presentable now. I WILL NOT post how the older haircut looked 'cos it's just too gross and embarassing and I can't even bare to look at it myself. So THERE.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my book! Yes, I am actually reading. This is my second book actually. I'm starting to get hooked on reading again. Yay for that! Though I literally do nothing but read the WHOLE day. Read and eat while reading. Physically that's bad. BUT mentally, it's a good thing.

I guess you just can't have everything.

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