Hairy Affair

12:28 AM

I have done it, people.

I have finally chopped my hair off after having it for about roughly 3 years, I think. I've been keeping it so that I can achieve my goal hair. Which I did. I really loved my hair when I was in Korea. The colour, cur and length was PERFECT, even if I do say so myself. I do realize it sounds incredibly narcissistic, but I do like that haircut the MOST. I might do it again, when my hair finally grows out.

To be honest, I don't know what came over me. I was possessed I guess and had this great urge to chop my hair off. And when I told people I would be cutting my hair, like 99% of them were totally against it. This got me really confused. I know that they are probably used to seeing me with long hair and/or completely traumatised by how looked last time when I had short hair. So, they were all, "NOOO NOOO". My mum even told me I'd look FAT if I cut my hair short.


It just made me wanna chop it off even more. Rule No. 1 people, USE reverse psychology on me. The more they said I shouldn't, the more I wanted to. And the more people thought I wouldn't do it, the more I wanted to. So, I got obsessed with the mission to cut my hair. Also, I think it's 'cos I really wanted to change something about myself to signify my 'adulthood' I guess. And a new chapter in my life (blah blah blah). I know I don't look as nice in short hair, but NOW is the time to try. I mean, I can't have long hair FOREVER, right? That's so boring. And I can try to slim down a little so that I'll look better and less fat with my short hair.

The experience was really BAD. The first time I tried to cut my hair, the LADY refused to chop it off. I think maybe it's 'cos she was my mom's friend and I go to her for a long time. She really liked my long hair with the bangs and was SUPER disappointed that I wanted to change it. So she was half hearted about the whole thing. THEN she TRICKED me into getting my hair rebonded. Which is really sneaky. I wanted to just do a treatment but nooooo, she turned my hair into toothbrush bristles. Then she REFUSED to cut it shorter than my shoulders. So in the end, I was extremely unhappy with my hair.

I just looked like an Ah Lian who just had a bucket of water dumped on my head. Gross.

So, I was miserable. FOR DAYS. And then I went to a different salon, eventhough the lady asked for a second chance via my mom. I'm like, "HOKAY, LADY. But that's not how I roll." I have lost my trust in her, really. I just went to the salon today and this other lady chopped off a bit more of my hair and now it's just a normal bob (she can't do any cool ass styles 'cos my hair is so damn straight and silky). VERY NORMAL, very primary school, not at all spectacular.

I know ppl would be all, "I TOLD YOU SO" on me. But whhaaatttever. It'll grow back. And to be honest, maybe it's 'cos my pre-haircut was such a disaster, I actually like this haircut I just had, eventhough it's simple and common. At least it's something different. Although it might seem trivial, to be my hair is EXTREMELY important. And the fact that I gathered enough guts to chop it off, is kinda a big deal for me. Although it was heart-wrenching to watch HUGE CHUNKS of my hair being snipped off, I stuck to my decision.

I will post a picture soon! When I go out with my friends and stuff.

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