Based on justice and... equality?

1:16 PM

Ugh. Is there anything in Singapore that does not rely SOLELY on academic results that may not ENTIRELY reflect a person's talent?

Especially NUS. I know I'm going there but I never realized how perfectly 2dimensional they all are. Every single program that they offer (which I suppose are the so called 'vast array of opportunities' they are giving their students) are all catered to the top scorers and high academic achievers. I'm so pissed that they don't even bother about other talents and other abilities that a person might have. Sometimes, just being good at mugging and getting good exam results ISN'T the BEST thing a human being can achieve.

I was so excited about some of the programs NUS was offering, including the exchange programs and stuff. But to be rejected even before they have interviewed me or know more about me, I feel so insulted. My dreams almost completely crushed. What is this bullshit about EQUAL opportunities when you just sift out the people who they PERCEIVE as not academically inclined. It's so stupid. I would've been GREAT at languages and I know it. And if they got the time to at least talk to me or interview me, they would instantly know.

This is so whiny. I get it. It's just that I am so fucking disappointed and pissed. I knew this country will never change. It will be nothing but straight-laced and square. Giving the ones who already have benefits MORE benefits. I might as well just resign to my obscure office cubicle and mindless office work as a middleclass loser. Thank you SO MUCH for that opportunity.

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