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HI! Okay, I haven't posted anything for awhile simply because I am on a TV series marathon for a while now. I have been withholding myself from watching all the TV series I wanted to watch until I have obtained all the episodes. But now that I have all the episodes, nothing is stopping me. I am totally going through season after season.

It feels so good!

Currently, I'm watching Vampire Diaries, which I was actually extremely skeptical about. This is main because twilight totally traumatised me and made me shun away from anything remotely vampire-like. The movie was SO BAD and the book was WORSE. I couldn't get through it 'cos I literally felt my IQ dropping as I read the book. She kept using the same descriptions for Edward and the plot is so cliche how he ALWAYS comes at the exact perfect moment. Everything was too predictable. Plus, Robert Pattinson is so effing ugly. I can NOT comprehend why in the hell he was cast as the most 'handsome' vampire who's supposed to be able to make girls swoon in a single look. If it's swooning out of complete horror, then yah. They are spot on. I know I'm being mean, but c'mon. I think the girl playing Bella is pretty though. And also pretty WEIRD. She talks weird and acts weird in public. Like she's high on something. She probably is anyway.

Right, so, I just thought I should try it out since so many people were raving about it and I loved all CW network dramas. And I was so pleasantly surprised. The Vampire Diaries ROCKS ten ZILLION time harder than twilight. They've got a great cast. All extremely hot (which tends to be a CW signature, I noticed) and the storyline is interesting! Plus, it has a Supernatural feel to it. And there is none of that weird staring into each others eyes for 15 mins in silence thing that Twlight movies always have. And the main vampire dude is SOOOO much hotter than Rob Pat, there is no comparison really. I highly recommend it! This coming from a twilight anti-fan. So do give it a go when you have mentally prepared yourself and opened your mind.

And SEASON 3 of Gossip Girl is just SO freakin' awesome but the ending was like wtf. I cannot wait till the next season 'cos it was SUCH a cliffhanger that my mind kept flashing back and thinking about what might happen. Plus, it's not a pleasant cliffhanger either. Also, I realized that Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass has made it physically impossible for me to ever love another because there is no way anyone can compare to him, in my eyes. He gets more and more perfect each season and his relationship with Blair is the most perfect pairing EVER MADE eversince Romeo & Juliet and Rose & Jack (from Titanic). I won't give any spoilers 'cos I hate people who that, seriously. PLEASE WATCH IT so that I can TALK to someone about it. I am bursting to talk to someone about the latest season!!

Okay, so, I'm not doing much now except for work three times a week (which is a drag 'cos the shop is quiet and individual commission has started which makes me extra extra stressed) and my classes twice a week. Also, I've been spending alot. That sucks. I am so close to brokeness. ALSO, I have been READING. I forgot how much I love to read. Especially chick lit! I promise to read more this year (eventhough more than half the year has passed) and blog about some books too. 'Cos I don't wanna be one of those people who become an intellectual retard once they started work and stopped all forms of brain activity except the bare minimum. I will try my best!

OH, and Thanks to Diy and Munira, I got to watch the UKISS Showcase in Singapore! They were all unbelievably hot with that godly glow all around them. No joke. Like for real. They glowed. And towered about us. Idols are really very perfect looking. I wish I could be half as beautiful as them. I would be content. Their showcase was ROCKIN'! And I met afew cool people there. We even became friends! Ukiss mates!! Diyanah was like the luckiest girl EVER. She won a lucky draw and got to go on stage to play games with them. She even got to HUG ALL OF THEM!! Lucky lucky girl! I was ecstatic for her! This is the type of miracle Tarachan-su gets only once in a blue moon. I'm so happy she got to meet them upclose. Plus, I got to hug her first, like immediately after that so I have their lovely godly germs on me. Thanks, Tomo! =D

Alrighty, I'm off to watch more Vampire Diaries! Eventhough the girl is starting to get on my nerves with the whole I-can-totally-take-care-of-myself-and-not-afraid-of-anything act. Like gurl, pls. She's so skinny I can break her with two fingers. But we'll see how it goes 'cos I kinda want the main guy to get the girl. He's so sweet. Plus, HOMG. He has the BEST BODY I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON. Like for REAL. No SPRAY ON ABS like a certain other vampire actors *cough* Rob Pattinson *cough*. I'll try to get a good print screen shot of his bod. It's ADONIS WORTHY, I swear. It's lean and understated (only slightly noticable when he has clothes on) but when he's topless, I can see every single muscle. SUPER well-defined and crazy gorgeous. I would kill to get that body... If I were a boy, lah. Or a girl, whatever. His abs are chocolate. =P

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