Rose tinted glasses, pls.

9:49 PM

I recently got my finalized time table for the rest of the sem and it's pretty awful seeing as I have to go to school every freakin' day. Unlike most people who have at least ONE day off in a week. No, 'cos of the stupid stupid balloting system, I have to drag my ass to school everyday and endure the 2 hour journey TWICE a day. Seriously, I'm so upset about this whole thing.

Also, the people there always talk and stare. I mean, I cut my hair hoping to look plain and inconspicuous. But I realized I can never really be very plain seeing as I love to dress up a little. And what is WRONG with wearing heels to school?! THEY ARE MORE COMFY!! I know people don't understand this, but heels are honestly WAY more comfy than flats for me. I've been CONDITIONED THAT WAY. And now that I can wear whatever I want to school, why can't I wear my cool heels? And why must I attract so many stares just because of what I wear. It's so annoying. Like I felt my self-confidence slowly evaporating as I walked around in school. Actually I didn't even notice how many people stared and pointed at me until today when Cherlyn and Wan Cheng pointed it out. It's alot more than expected. I feel really weird. Like I had no problem when I dressed to impress when I went out with my friends. Plus my friends dress up too. But school is like a cesspool of bad fashion with the occasional gems. I dunno whether I should conform or continue to be the weirdo everyone stares at.

On the bright side, last week, I got to hang alot with Jen and we played some pool and she even crashed and got a sense of how school life is like. She realized that I was totally right about it and I believe that she has never been more glad that she would be flying off instead of being stuck in that awful place. But thankfully, the highlight of my MONTH... I got another pair of COOL SPECS. These have to be my fave. They are UNIQUE one of a kind and totally posh! I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I got Jen to buy a pair for herself and Diyanah too. Check out my cool specs!

They are from Japan! And you can't see it here but it's like a mosaic of red and amber pieces all over the frame. And it's SO intricate and cool! I love them so much and SOOOO worth my money. =DD Plus the sides have glossy oriental swirls. It's just too gorgeous. I'm so glad I got them. I love specs so much, I'll never get Lasik even if I had the money and the guts to do it. I wanna be able to wear specs, they are so fab! I'm gonna expand my specs collection.

Jen's one is really awesome 'cos the sides have a black, gray and white design that sinks behind the lens. It's hard to explain but her frame doesn't cover her lens entirely. The sides are left protruding, it's so cool. And finally she has specs that she can wear OUT without shame. She's always squinting. Now she can see the world clearly when she goes out. I'm so glad she got them!

YAY! Highlight of my MONTH, seriously. One of the extremely few good things that happened. Once again, retail therapy (besides food) seems to be the only thing that is keeping me sane and not spiral into depression. Of course, it's even better when I do it with my best friends. =)

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