Tech is most unreliable.

8:23 PM

Oh, dear God. Technology is such a bitch.

I've been having crappy days lately and it's seriously taking a toll on me. I'm so upset 'cos my lappie, Alex, is totally screwed up and the keyboard and speakers have gone completely haywire. So, I'll have to go all the way to the Hp Service Centre just to have them fix the thing. It's so freakin' FAR and ulu. Why can't it be a mac? Apple stores are everywhere. They seriously should make more branches. I'm sure many people who are using Hp find this extremely annoying. I should know, 'cos I'm super annoyed by this.

Most importantly, all the STUFF I have in my laptop is so PRECIOUS. Like my Season 3 of Gossip Girl!! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in THERE. I pray to God it doesn't get erased. It took me forever to get all the episodes.

Besides this, I have ulcers all over my mouth. I honestly think I'm gonna fall sick soon. And not to mention, I am right now so PAST the point of broke-ness that I don't even know how I'm gonna make it these days until my payday at the end of the month. I don't have any allowance and I did quite a bit of shopping. IT SUCKS that I work in town and am EXPOSED to sales everyday. Also there were alot of unexpected expenses along with the huge amount I spent on FOOD. I am in a crisis right now. I'm seeing so many things that I like and want to get my hands on. For instance this drop dead GORGEOUS Fossil wallet I saw while I was walking around with Gaya yesterday after my shift ended. It was all lovely with the scent of leather and it was so smooth to touch. I wanted to get it so badly, seeing as I've had my wallet since forever and if I'm gonna change it, I might as well get a good one that I REALLY like. Not to mention, Fossil wallets are really long lasting and tend to look better the longer you use it. It will look even more vintage and worn. Maybe I can save up a little and try to get it. But definitely not any time soon, seeing as my current situation is pretty sad.

Not to mention, the trenchcoat I've been eyeing from Warehouse FINALLY went on sale and I couldn't get it, which completely shattered my heart. It's okay, though. Life is like that. You win some you lose some. On the bright side, I managed to get this super classic Esprit bag as a killer price. I use this to console myself.

I might need to check into rehab for my current addiction to Yoguru Frozen Yogurt which is totally draining my bank account. I think they must put some sort of drug in there 'cos there is NO WAY something can taste THAT good and have me addicted to it so quickly. I crave for it everyday and I eat large pots of it too. They kick Yami yogurt and Frolick's ass! Unlike, those two yogurt franchise, Yoguru gives you your money's worth. The portions and servings are generous, even the toppings! And there is no HOLE in the middle of the yogurt swirl, which I feel is similar to daylight robbery. Even the quality and taste of the yogurt, is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Love that stuff! I've introduced it to all my friends and even my sis and they all agreed with me. You guys should have a try too! =D

Hmmm, my birthday coming up. Turning 20 is a big deal and I still don't know what to do...
Will just be another birthday where I stay at home and pig out?

So many things on my mind, really.

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