Artistic Pursuits vs Practicality

2:10 PM

I feel really happy 'cos I finally got the time to change my blogskin and I even got two days off consecutively. I am so happy staying at home, pigging out and watching my variety shows and dramas. I am such a lame person, I know. I should be going out and stuff 'cos this is my only chance. After this it is nothing but work work work seeing as the holidays have arrived and so has the Great Singapore Sale. It'll be really busy at the shop. And I can predict that it'll be extra exhausting for me.

But it's okay. One more month to go and then I can rest until the start of my term in NUS. Yes, I will be entering NUS FASS, like many many others. 'Cos honestly, is there anywhere else for me to go. I am poor and the fact that they actually accepted me was already an amazing thing. I guess I am grateful but to be completely honest, I am not looking forward to it at all. It'll just be a place where all my past memories and all the people I've met in primary, secondary and JC come together in one huge campus.

It's so frightening.

I'm the type who, when closing a chapter in my life, I don't ever want to be reminded or visit it ever again. Meeting old acquaintances might be exciting to some but they are kind of a bother. I don't want them reminding me how much I've changed and small talk is a chore. I like meeting new people and being in a new environment.

NUS isn't new. Singapore is singapore.

How much more can I take?

I don't know. But I'm glad that at least I'll have some of my friends in the same campus. That'll be nice. The only luxury, I guess is the fact that I won't need to make new friends or be alone on the first day. Don't call me weird but I actually like being alone on the first day and finding someone new. It's part of the thrill. In NUS what thrill??

What thrill is there in studying, to be perfectly honest?


Unless, you're studying what you like and have a passion for. Knowing exactly what career to pursue. Yet, I don't have that luxury either. Because my passion isn't practical and my parents won't allow their 'investment' (my tuition fees) go to waste like that. Practicality is this country's core value. And I have learnt it well.

I dunno why I'm reflecting so much and being so somber about my entire situation. I know I should be thankful I even got a place, really. I guess, it's 'cos I'm gonna be old from next week on. This is the first time I hate my birthday and the first time I am totally not looking forward to it AT ALL. I guess, it will be like that from now on. I HATE THE 5TH OF JUNE. Worst day in the world.

I've been buying alot of clothes and stuff for uni. Thinking I should revamp my wardrobe but it isn't that exciting anymore. 'Cos everything is so ex. But working in town and being so informed about all the sales going on is a gift and curse. I end up buying ALOT. Clothes and food. This is super bad, okay! I'll be broke before my pay even comes!! Serving rich customers is so awful 'cos I suddenly became brand conscious and I can spot bags and brands from a mile away, even knowing the price of it. Yesterday I saw a woman carrying a 20k Hermes Birkin, original. I was like OMFG. SO GORGEOUS!! Then I think, that bag can fund my tuition fee for at least THREE sems.

I want to be rich.

And I want to be pretty.

Like THEM!!

ESPECIALLY HER!! Narumi Riko, the one above. She is like MY IDOL. Everyday I wish I could be HALF as pretty as her! She's so unbelievably gorgeous. AND she's a natural beauty which makes me envy her even more. If I were that pretty, maybe I can be an actress too and pursue the dreams that I want to pursue. Maybe if I had their looks, I can abandon practicality.

ANYWAY, enough of my sad thoughts. I want to THANK MY GOOD FRIEND ENCI who made me a pair of MINDBLOWING shoes with her art skizzles. They are breath-taking. I wanted one of her artworks so I asked her to draw on my blank Levi's loafers. I gave her full artistic freedom and all the time she needed and they came out better than I imagined! I don't think I even have the heart to wear them.I just wear them around at home and admired them while I watch TV and stuff. It's too precious to wear out but one day I might when I am very sure that it won't get dirty.

Check them out!

HOW AWESOME ARE THEY?!! The details are so .... DETAILED! And everything is so artistic. It's a real work of art. I'm so happy I asked her to do it. I made the right choice. Plus she picked a fantastic theme of Romantic Old Paris, which is so me. It's really a place and era I truly love and can get lost in.

It was so nice meeting up with Enci again and we got to talking and stuff. The only thing I can draw, actually COPY, is manga characters. I love drawing out my fave characters just for fun. But I never show them to anyone except Diyanah. They are pretty lame. OMG, I suddenly feel like drawing very badly.

YAY! Omg, I shall go draw now!! 'Cos it's my day off and I can do whatever I want! =D

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