Wasting My Teen Days

12:04 AM

I have about only slightly more than a week left until I have officially left my teen days and enter the senior citizens corner. I will hit the big two-zero next week and I can't even say how much I am dreading that horrid horrid day.

To be officially an adult and to know that my youth has left me is a VERY depressing feeling. And when I look back, I feel like I have totally wasted my youth in this horrible country. It's an awful place to grow up and I felt like I barely had a childhood or teenhood at all. And so, I will leave that phase of my life with a heavy heart, filled with regrets. I hate what-ifs and thinking about what my life could be like if I was elsewhere or had something.

Work has been pretty bad so all the more I feel as though I am wasting my last few moments of being young and a teen in that place. I honestly don't know what to do to 'celebrate' that day and what to do during my last few hours of youth.

What should I do?!!

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