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Hello, everybody!

This is my 300th Post officially. Time really flew by and I've had this blog for about 5 years now and I doubt I will change it much or shift it to any other site in the near future. Eventhough most have moved on to tumblr or Livejournal or Wordpress, I do admit the blogspot thingy makes it sound so secondary school, but I am comfortable with this spot for 5 years and hopefully 5 years more to come. I will continue storing my memories in this site. I thank the 2 to 4 people who DO read my blog once in a while just to see how I'm doing. I know I'm not interesting but I continue writing, just for the fun of it.

Alrighty! My dreaded birthday has gone and gone and I have to say it turned out WAYYY better that I ever expected or imagined. It started out badly with my panicking 'cos I thought I lost my ATM and IC (for the second time. It would've costed my 300 bucks). I almost CANCELLED my birthday meeting but then things picked up after I actually FOUND them and then the day ROCKED. This is of course, thanks to my DEAR DEAR DEAR friends who managed to make me feel that turning 20 isn't gonna change anything. And if it is, it will change for the better.

I met up with Gaya first, thinking that Jen was late. Which is REALLY unusual 'cos Jen is never late for more than half an hour. But this time she was late for like over an hour. Gaya kept me busy with shopping, which is always a great distraction. I ended up looking at alot of nice stuff and some I even wanted to buy. I completely forgot the time. Shopping does that to me. The best sort of distraction and the best destressing therapy. But Gaya kept saying weird things like, let's go into Chanel. I was like whuuutt. People who can't AFFORD chanel should not step INTO chanel! I was thinking, Gaya you crazy gurl! Then when Jen called Gaya said that she was waiting outside Dior 'cos her heels hurt so we'll have to go to her. That was when I got suspicious 'cos Jen would NEVER say that her heels hurt too much for her to walk. She's just me. We BEAR with it until we reach home and can finally take them off. But I didn't think much of it and just went anyway. There, my best friend Jen surprised me with a BIRTHDAY BREAD!!!

Omg, it was HILARIOUS seeing Jen all dressed up in a dress in front of Dior and D&G carrying a huge loaf of BREAD with an unlit candle on it. HAHAHA! I totally cracked up and screamed my head off. They knew me so well. They knew I wasn't really a cake person so they got me the thing that I heart the most and can never EVER say no to, BREAD. Not just any bread. But quality, expensive Cedele wholemeal herb loaf with olives and onions. It smells like HEAVEN in a bun.

After hugging them like MAD and thanking them for the cutest surprise (and most original), I blew out the candle (more like the wind blew it out actually but I still made my birthday wish). I tore off pieces of the bread and we ate them... in front of Dior and D&G, with hot angmoh tourists walking past us. They stared at us eating the bread and TAKING PICTURES of us eating bread, but it was the only time I didn't care. Why? 'Cos It's my birthday. I'm 20 and I can do whatever I want. YEAH.

The bread was so effing DELICIOUS! It was soft and warm. The crust was chewy and doughy with that lovely flour taste that stuck to the loaf. And then inside was sprinkled with green herbs, the texture was INCREDIBLY SOFT and it was slightly savoury without being overbearing. The olives and onions were PERFECT. Lovely and marinated and complimented the bread. I practically ate the ENTIRE LOAF. It was so good. =)

Then they gave me a HUGER surprise and presented me with a fossil paper bag. I was screaming, "NO WAY. NO WAY." 'cos there was no way they could've gotten me that Fossil wallet I was raving about all week. And then I open the metal fossil box and it was like angels were singing and some MYSTICAL light was shining from inside the box.

There was my gorgeous, gorgeous wallet that I fell in LOVE with at first sight, right in front me. The best part was it was all mine. I went berserk 'cos I couldn't believe they got it for me!! I smelt the lovely leather smell and touched it's awesome softness. GENUINE LEATHER from FOSSIL. I finally have a fossil wallet and the one that I wanted as well. I can change my wallet which I have had for years into a wallet that I can USE for years. I hugged Jen and Gaya and thanked them repeatedly. OMG I LOVE MY WALLET SO MUCH!!! I couldn't wait to use it! It's so beautiful and perfect for my adultlife. An adult leather wallet to put in money that I have earned myself in future. This is not just a gift, it's a symbol!

And so after we ate our bread, we walked got ourselves a large cup of YOGURU frozen yogurt, which btw, is the BEST THING ON EARTH. Best frozen yogurt EVER. And so generous too!! I'm a regular and I've turned Jen and Gaya into fans. We stood there chatting while eating the cup of GOODNESS till we were full. We then walked it off with some retail therapy (again). It was Jen's initiation to Far East Plaza. Can you believe she has never BEEN there in her whole 19 years? Gaya and I taught her the ropes and we shopped at far east. Gaya bought a pair of gorgeous wedges and Jen and me bought Hair Accessories. We ALWAYS buy hair accessories EVERY time we go out. Jen and I always buy that. =P

At first I was asking Jen who is it that she kept texting and who was it who was calling. Then she told me she and her mum are on bad terms. I got SO WORRIED okay. Turns out it was ANOTHER surprise. BEST SURPRISE EVER!! My BFF TARACHAN (Diyanah) WAS THERE!! They surprised me at the store!! I WAS LIKE OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!! At first I thought she has filming that day and couldn't celebrate with me. I totally understand and I told her it's okay 'cos she has schoolwork and stuff. I totally didn't expect her to be there but there she was!! I WAS SO HAPPY!! All my dear friends could make it. =)) That was the best.

Then, the surprises don't end there. Diy presented me with a card, which was really funny 'cos it's so obvious she made it in a rush. She told me to read the inside... I screamed like MAD, right there in the middle of far east, where people stared at me as if I was insane. Why? 'Cos Diy surprised me with Concert tix to the Ukiss concert concert and fan meeting this month!! Compliments of her and Munira. OMG!! It was SUCH a huge surprise 'cos I thought the tix were all sold out and I was totally bumming out at home when I heard the news. And now she got TIX for me!! IT WAS AMAZING! Everything I wanted in one day. =)

Then the fours of us sat down and chatted away at Shaw Macs with the speakers blaring club tunes, I felt like we were in some hot club. We talked forever and then took pics. At home, I had family dinner of noodles (for longevity). And my mom and dad gave me my birthday present. Teehee!

Once again, I wanna THANK my lovely friends for totally cheering me up when I've had one of the lousiest weeks of my life and for making my 20th birthday a memorable one. I don't need anyone else. I just need you guys to be there and my family who is always here and I feel like the future won't be so awful. It won't be. Because I can share it with you guys and we'll make more and more memories together.

Forever young. =)

I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MAX!!! *huggss & kissess* =D

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