Hot 20. Yeah.

10:32 PM

I just had the BEST Birthday ever!!

All my bad days seemingly disappeared and things went well for me for the first time in a long while. All because of my dear dear AWESOME friends! Who rocked my world. Like seriously.

I will do a post on my 20th birthday bash with all my ladies. =) Look forward to it! But for now, I just wanted to express my gratitude to Jen Lee, Diyanah and Gaya who made my day and made me think that turning 20 is a GOOD thing. Haha! And also to all the people who wished me happy birthday, thanks so much! Not forgetting the ones who chipped in for my FABULOUS PRESENT, Dinah Bee (I know you would've been there if you could) and Keetha (I know that you rather be out with me than making samosas at home). Also, Munira who chipped in on the COOLEST GIFT EVER!! Thank you tons tons tons! And of course my colleagues who got me THE fcuk shirt I wanted and ALMOST had to give up. So sweet of y'all!

Today, although it was small, it was meaningful and I am so happy that my friends took time to celebrate the day with me. That is what mattered most and made it memorable. And it's so amazing to me how my friends can read my mind and know me so well.


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