Dream Come True

3:04 PM


I haven't been saying anything about it since I didn't want to jinx it. Knowing my luck, I was afraid something would go wrong but THANK GOD! Everything is all set and I am finally doing it. After months and months of saving and talking about it and dreaming about it, it will happen!

I'll be flying to Korea TONIGHT for a trip together with my best friend, Diyanah. =D

YES, no parents. 8 days of fun, following a drama trail and a cool ass tour. The tour totally rocks. I heart all the places I'll be visiting. Plus, not to mention the price of the package was WICKED cheap for 8 days, meals provided and 5 star accommodations throughout. Hotels and resorts galore! And pls, let's not forget the two most important aspect of my trip, KOREAN BOYS and SHOPPING!!

So, see y'all later in 8 days time and let me have my dream escape. Spring in Korea sounds like heaven now.

I am set to take over Kimchiland!!


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