Bumming Around

1:51 PM

I know I know!

I haven't updated in forever. I'm supposed to put up my Kimchiland post but it's so effing long! And there's so much to talk about 'cos everything there totally rocked and I was having the best time of my life. Plus, it was the best experience of my life and I have pics too.It's so hard for me to start let alone finish a recount of all that happened. But I promise to try my best to just mention and tell y'all about the highlights and some of the cool things we did. I'm still working on it since the pics are on my desktop and I'm currently using Alex. DON'T WORRY! It will arrive soon! By this week hopefully. If I can stop lazing around.

Which is what I've been doing. Lazing around at home while waiting for a job to call me since I sent out my resumes rady. So, now I'm just sitting at home reading mangas everyday and watching my dramas while my mom and dad scold me endlessly for being a pathetic bum. I cannot wait to start working. I NEED WORK ASAP.

Anw, I'm feeling really good and kinda weird and emotional 'cos I just read THE BEST MANGA ever drawn or written ever. I only started reading it 'cos the art was really good, like graphic novel style instead of the usual cutesy anime style drawings. This one looked really realistic and mature and modern. Plus, it received alot of praise. So, I started and realised that I was planning to watch the movie version of this story. It was based on a korean novel and I was about to watch the movie. It was a good thing I read the manga first 'cos IT WAS EFFING AWESOME. I got so emotional at the end, and I rarely do that, especially while reading a manga.

I have read alot of emotional stories and novels and watched even more but this one takes the cake, man.The portrayal of the characters were so real and mature. There were no cheesy lines that's always present in shoujo mangas. It was like a real novel. I started reading a little and before I knew it I was burning the midnight oil 'cos I got hooked and couldn't stop. I highly recommend it: watashitachi no shiawase na jikan.

Also known as Happy Hours. The original movie was called 'Maundy Thursday' starring my fave actor Kang Dong Won. But I thought the manga was better eventhough, his acting totally moved me.

This week was pretty nice eventhough I was a total bum at home.I WANT TO WORK!!! Yes, I actually want to. But I dunno why nothing's happening. But I got to watch a really really nice jap movie called 'My Rainy Days' starring Shosuke Tanihara, the hot guy from Handsome Suit. HE IS SO INCREDIBLY HOT in this movie. Like me and Diyanah were blown away from our seats like trying to stiffle our squeals when he appears on the big screen 'cos he is THAT gorgeous. Like drop dead gorgeous. Plus his voice like melted chocolate. So freakin' sexy. The story was really nice too and the lead girl was CRAZY HOT too. We were both like, "Wahhh, they are so hot. So hot together." Totally gushing over the leads' hotness and feeling completely inferior at the same time. I am glad I have Diy as a best friend 'cos no one else would react the way we both did. Haha! The story is pretty sad (expected from a jap show with a title like that), so I kinda expected it. Almost everyone in the theatre were dabbing their eyes and sniffling. Diy totally washed off her BB Cream with her tears. And then we went shopping and I got to drink my FAVE drink, VEGEMIL.

And this week I got to hang out with my dearest ATC girls, Jen, Keetha and Gaya! We had an awesome time chatting and chilling at Keetha's country club. We had a steam bath and a sauna. It felt SO GOOD. I am such a sucker for sauna. I LOVE THAT STUFF. Keetha and Jen were totally amazed by my sauna tolerance levels. HAHA! We then ate at the cafe and bitched and talked like old times.

I always treasure these moments the most! =)

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