Busy Being Exhausted

12:45 PM

I doubt if my post on my trip to korea is ever gonna be posted here. It's just way too long. I should've brought Alex over there and blogged there each night. We made some videos and recorded the moments there. Maybe it'll be easier if I just posted that instead of a long ass written post on it. Besides, I think the pics on FB tell a good enough story.

Enough of that, it felt like a million years ago even if it's just a month. But currently I am keeping myself busy with work. It's a blessing and a curse working at French Connection. The great singapore sale is coming so there's a lot of work to be done and I'm busy. But omg, it's SO EFFING TIRING. Almost died and I only worked like FOUR MEASLY days so far. Luckily the people at Wisma are nice and the music is good so I am sane as I work. Unlucky thing is that it is so near so many good food places, I end up drinking Avocado smoothie everyday which is highly fattening and like I buy tons of food during break, which totally blows my pockets wide open. This is SAD.I'm supposed to be EARNING money not losing it.

I can't resist food. =(

But everyone's so busy I hardly get to meet up with anyone which is pretty sad. And I am becoming extremely broke due to my high expenditure on food. What's worse is that I am situated in town and I see all the good sales first so I am tempted yet again to buy clothing. Which this time I really do need since my wardrobe is pretty outdated now. Until payday though I won't allow myself to spend on anything 'cos you may never know. I might regret it later. I am a changed person after Korea, not too much impulsive shopping buys. Thank goodness for that! I have gotten into the habit of saving (not food-wise though).
Today is my day off. Which I am eternally grateful for 'cos I was gonna die if I went on without a breather. Also, I'm really excited 'cos tonight is Jen's Birthday Dinner Party and it's gonna be at some posh restaurant near the arts house. We're dressing up and everything. It will be so classy and like a proper adult birthday celebration (without strippers). So, I'm looking forward to that! =) Which reminds me,


The loveliest girl in the world who is EXACTLY like me it's scary. Like how we share the exact same thoughts at the exact same time. CREEPY!! We have turned to each other for support countless times and I can't even count how many times I have thanked god that you are my friend. My best friend at that! Funny how we got so much closer after secondary school. I don't even wanna think about the day you will be leaving this country and leaving me, 'cos right now, I'm gonna cherish every moment with you. Always know that I'm here for you!! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever, 'cos you DESERVE it after all this time (and planning). And the best YEAR ever! I LOVE YOU, JENN!! =DD

OKAY TIME TO EAT 'COS I AM HUNGRY AGAIN! (Just ate an hour ago)

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