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Channel 5 is finally showing it, but I probably will miss it 'cos I have something special on that day. But still, they keep playing the songs in between shows and commercials, karaoke style with the words at the bottom.


I usually end up dancing to the beat at home and singing all the songs at the top of my lungs. Justin from Ugly Betty would've been so proud. I would do all the retro dance moves in the living room and go, "You can't stop the beeeaattt!". Yeah, I'm meant to be born in that era and at that state (meaning the US). I love everything about that era! All the dancing and the funky colours and how everyone learns the words to a song and dances in that old swing style. So high energy!

Not to mention, I am SUCH a sucker for pooffy dresses. Those dresses that are really retro and simple cut with high waist and a flare skirt that swishes and lifts up when you twirl around. It is THE classic dress. Not mention the lace gloves and bold prints! I would've rocked the hairspray era! I am such a girlie girl at heart really. Eventhough I don't really dress that girly. It's shocking that I don't own a single, proper dress besides my prom dresses. How sad is that?!!

OMG I had so much fun googling retro dresses! I love retro fashion honestly. Get ready for picture spam-age!

RED is so essential! I am a sucker for the whole red and white polkadot pattern 'cos it's such a classic really. Don't the dresses make you wanna sing some oldies and dance some swing dance with a partner? These dresses are the epitome of a dress for me. My favourite dresses my grandma made for me when I was young were the ones that made me feel special when I twirled around in them. =)

Plus of course, the basic black and white!

I would wear the last white dress with the small black polkadots and waisted ribbon with THOSE COOL MARYJANE SHOES!! How awesome would that be? And then I would wear those thick headbands and have my hair all curly and cute.

I'm feeling so retro right now! My clothes are starting to look really boring and emo. I think I'll just enjoy watching Hairspray this week and sing ALL the songs (I HEART ELIJAH KELLEY!!) and maybe some day, I'll go for some themed party and I get to live my secret dream of living in the fifties.

Doing all that slick dance moves!

You can't stop this beat, yo.

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