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I decided to rewatch it.And it helps since I haven't watched it since forever and I have completely forgotten the storyline. Okay, maybe I still remember some bits but what I forgot is how addictive and how much DRAMA is in this series. I have FOUR SEASONS to get through and I am so freakin' excited!!

Man, I'm so into it.

I can relate to the characters 'cos the drama and the conflicts seem more, I dunno, relate-able and realistic. After all, it's the teen dramas that sparked the string of future teen dramas like Gossip Girl and 90210 (which btw, is so lame.I prefer the old beverly hills.).

And OMFG, I forgot how hot Ryan is and how funny Seth is!! I'm getting hooked all over again. I googled Benjamin McKenzie and found out that he's 31 this year. I couldn't believe it! Time flies! It felt like just yesterday when I sneaked out to the living room when my mom was asleep to watch The OC on channel 5 ('cos apparently, it's 'mature themes' and it aired past my bedtime). And now, the cast is so old.

Then again, a classic is still a classic.

HEART THE OC. I will so fly there some day.

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