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I have a great gift which at times can be viewed as a curse. When I go shopping, Sales and great buys tend to FOLLOW me everywhere. And I am not kidding.Whether it's sales period or not,I will ALWAYS ALWAYS somehow find a great item on sale or many sales which will tempt me to go buy everything. That's 'cos they are too good to pass up. =)

While I do think that this is a wonderful gift as I think my wardrobe rocks and the cool stuff that I get looks so ex but in reality I got them in a sale for a fraction of the price, it CAN be a curse when I'm trying to save money. Like NOW. I am really really on a tight ass budget and I can't buy anything. I'm saving up for a special occasion coming soon, so I can't spend. But every time I step out of the house, no matter where I am, I find myself a GREAT buy that I can't resist. I bought myself a couple of basics that can be whole new outfits for me. And I've got some statement pieces too!

I CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THEM!! I will soon and I'll be sure to take pics to show them off. Clothes are meant to be worn and appreciated. And they make me feel so happy when I think of the perfect combination to make an entire look and style.

So, hang on tight and be sure to look out for them! =)

Next week, I'll be locking myself at home for the entire week 'cos I spent WAY too much and WAYY over my budget this week. I cannot afford to spend any more. CANNOT. Like for real. No joke. So, I'll be locking myself at home the whole of next week to make up for this week. Not that bumming around isn't a great thing, I just feel bad when I have to say no to my friends who do wanna go out. But I REALLY CANT!! I promise to make it up to them the week after next.

My ultimate fashion wish for this year or actually for many years ago, is to be able to wear those over the knee or knee socks and look good in them. Especially in lighter colours. I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to wear them and look good. Without my legs looking too short and stubby and without my thighs looking like they are being squeezed to death. I WANT SO BADLY!!

SEE SEE SEE!! Don't they look so gorgeous! I would wear them in Singapore 'cos I have never cared what anyone thought of what I was wearing. I mean, if I think it looks good, I'll wear it. I don't really care if people stare at me. That usually happens as I wear clothes that are meant for colder climates. I suffer a little but I want to wear them so bad. Hence, my many many jackets.

But to be able to look good in THESE socks, I need STICKS for legs okay. =(( So difficult. ONE DAY hopefully some time soon, I'll be able to wear them and actually look nice in them.

Stockings will do for now!

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