Envy envy

3:10 PM

Yesterday I went out with Keetha and Diy to celebrate her 19th birthday. It was just a girl's day out thing. Good food and good company always makes the day a great one! Keetha has finally risen from the ABYSS and surfaced to do some social interactions with her pals. Like it's about time! I remember how difficult it was to meet up with her as she was always MIA-ing and doing smth secretive. But her social life is back on track seeing as I pulled her out of the abyss of unknownland. HAHA! It was so FUN meeting up and catching up with her. Feels like secondary school and 4/6 all over again with the three of us hanging in town. Only thing is that we all changed SO MUCH.

Keetha wore a really nice beaded top and shorts to show off her legs! Plus the brown gladiators I convinced her to buy at New Look. Her legs go on forever and ever!! SO ENVIOUS!! Wish my legs were that long! Then maybe I wont look so midgety beside the two of them.

Diyanah in typical Diyanah-style wore something comfortable and old-school American style with her flannel checked top and skinny jeans.The heels are a plus seeing as it's her bday and I told her to dress up a little. HAHA! THAT is pretty dressed up for her. Like for real. Besides, doesn't really matter 'cos that girl looks hot in anything.

I totally overdressed 'cos I thought I should dress up for the occasion. I guess being overdressed is my style. It's always the case. Even Jen agrees that even when I say dress DOWN, it's still pretty dressed UP. UGHHH!! I also dunno why I am like that. I'm always the overdressed one. Plus, I'm starting to HATE living in Singapore seeing as I can't wear ALOT of the stuff I wanna wear 'cos it'sso damn hot in here all the time. And when I look at Lookbook, it's like DAMN. I wanna wear that. I wanna have my own style.

Wish I were richer. Then my style would be more one of a kind 'cos I can afford all the pieces that I want. That is why Jane Aldridge is MY IDOL!! 'Cos she's hot and she has the money and she has her own personal style.

Why can't I be a little less like me and a LOT more like her?

She's SO perfect!!

Okay, enough of my aspirations. I just wanna be more original. These days, I feel like I'm not original and I can't set myself apart from everyone else. It annoys me. 'Cos I've always felt the need to be my own person. To stand out. But now, I feel like... I don't like the me I am much. I feel like I need to change.

Oh, well! Enough SELF-REFLECTION. So boring. I dunno if I'll have much to blog about seeing as I am still slightly sick and I won't be going out much next week. Plus, I need to save up my money for something special next month so, I'm holding back on my shop-age. I'm quite proud of myself. I'll fill you in on the deets and the reasons later.

For now! I'm gonna watch some Gossip Girl. 'Cos I realize that it is the only decent show to watch now. GLEE is a SNOOZE-FEST!! Without the singing and High School Musical atmosphere, it would not have done so well. The storyline is predictable and I don't feel ANYTHING for the characters!!

TRUST ME, don't watch it. It's SO overrated.

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