Wishful Thinking

10:09 PM

WHY? Why can't I look a little less like me and a little more like HER?

Ordinary people who are pretty kills me. They are just naturally like that. Lucky! =(

Tomorrow's the big day. I'm so scared I might piss my pants. I'm feeling a tad bit sick today. Major headache the whole day! I would've totally puked if I were the type who would actually let herself puke. I am SO anti-vomiting. I don't wanna waste all the money I spent on good food but chucking it all out.

But thank goodness for my girly day with JEN!! =D It made me feel so much better. Like SO much! Since we're going through the same thing, we had a girl's day out in town. We dressed up a little and did some shopping. The best kind of therapy to prepare us for tmr, is retail therapy. I used my natural shopping skills and we got some good buys! I found cool hair accessories. And Jen got the CUTEST pair of wedges! I dunno why but I look SO weird in bows. I'm a GIRL but somehow the bows look SO weird on me. Even Jen admitted that it did. Maybe 'cos my whole wardrobe is so... NOT girly. But I'm so glad I found some nice ones that don't clash with my non-girly wardobe!


Why the rest of the world is depressed. It'll probably hit me tmr. I might disappear for a few days after that. So don't worry people.

I'm blogging about this 'cos I might not feel like blogging about tmr after tmr. So yeaa.

I just hope and pray that everything turns out alright...

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