6:23 PM

OMG, the 2PM drama is crazy. I heart Jaeboem to the max okay. He's the reason I even showed initial interest in 2PM in the first place. But c'mon people. If you really love him, then just let him lead the life that he wants. I can't stand selfish fans who just want the entertainers to do what they want and can't let them lead a proper life. THEY ARE STILL PEOPLE. Geez. And it's not like a band of 6 hot guys is SO HORRIBLE and CATASTROPHIC!! The other members are hot and talented too. They deserve a chance to live their dream. God. Just get over it, seriously.

Okay, that was random but I just wanted to say smth about it since it's been in my mind for quite some time now. I don't usually blog about this but yeaaa, just to get it off my chest.

Anyways, I am enjoying life after work. So awesome so awesome! I had the weekends free to do whatever I please and Diyanah sleptover at my place yesterday. =D This is the best, lah. I need to live as much as possible before Friday. 'Cos everyone knows. this friday, is the day when the A'level results are out and I honestly might kill myself after that. No kidding. I know everyone's freakin' out about the entire thing but to be honest I knew about it like looong looong time ago that it'll be 5th March. I had valuable inside information. =P

So I can't say I was surprised but then again, it's not like I'm not DREADING the whole thing. I felt that my life is going really well. There is really NO NEED for them to tell me my results. They can honestly keep it to themselves. I have no problems with that. But nooooo, they have to go on to telling me my results and ruin my life and any chance of happiness in the future. SO annoying.

Everyone's been really down lately. I dunno why I'm not as depressed. Maybe it's 'cos I;m distracting myself as much as possible. I watch movies and dramas and eat. I do everything I can to distract myself. I'll deal with it when the day comes. it'll come eventually.

So, for now, I'll just keep distracting myself.

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