My First Alex

7:46 PM


It's been a while since I updated. I am enjoying my month of bumming around. I love life after work. It's the best. But I seriously need to stop spending. Which seems to be impossible for me for some strange reason. The moment I step into a shop, I always find a good bargain or sale and I somehow end up buying something. On the one hand I get good deals. On the other, all my money is depleting RAPIDLY. I HAVE TO LEARN TO STOP. Like omg.

I bought another pair of shoes. AGAIN. But it was such a bargain,I couldn't say no. To be fair, they aren't really shoes. They are Boots, which technically is a whole other thing so, it's not really counted. And I stumbled into the Body Shop warehouse sale at suntec and fought off all the ladies to get some good buys on lovely body gels and body shop goodies. Bathing has never been such a pleasant experience and I smell so freakin' delicious after that.

The crazy thing is that I was supposed to buy TOPS 'cos I am in DESPERATE need of them. They are the basic necessities and yet I always end up buying smth else.

Anyways, the IT fair was held this week. Thank goodness Jen told me about it or else I probably would've missed it. My initial plan was to get a new Harddisk Drive.'Cos my com space is already left with really little and my current portable Harddisk is already full. After one year. =S DAMN. I thought I could get a good deal, but turns out, it was all really ex. So,I decided to get one in the next IT fair at June.The Comex 2010. That was where I got my good deal in HDD anyway last year.

Then Jen, told me that she would be getting her laptop and when I looked around, I realized that there were alot of good deals! I told my parents, not expecting anything but my mum surprisingly agreed to getting one. WOW!! I couldn't believe it seriously. Since I dominate the Desktop anyway. HAHA!

I tried TWICE to get into the IT fair but it was SO FREAKIN' packed. On Saturday evening, I couldn't even get into City Link underpass.It was CLOGGED with people. I had to turn back. But my dad and I went early today and planned our strategy. I already looked at the floor plan and planned our route.W were gonna get in and get out. Plus, I did like TONS AND TONS of research before I went. I can HONESTLY say that I know a really good amount about laptops specifications. I read up alot so that I won't regret my decision. Especially since it's my parent's hard earned money. And we're really poor. HAHA.

I looked through only three booths with my dad (shoving people along the way) and fell in LOVE with the Compaq Presario CQ35! Once I saw it, I was like ohhh! I want that one. HOW lucky was it that that EXACT model I was eyeing had a special promotion? The salesgirl told me they upgraded the system and started talking geek stuff which HA-HA-HA I totally UNDERSTOOD!! I even asked RELEVANT questions! It's the lightest of the Compaq series and I was like THIS is the ONE. I dun even wanna look at the others. I loved the design and everything. I already made up my mind.

And so, I got my first ever Laptop!! =) My own personal one! SO HAPPY!!

Thank you, dad and mum!!

Plus it was SUCH a bargain. I actually managed to go with my parent's budget of under 1000! Loads of free stuff too.


And I heart my new lappie, ALEX!! (after one of my fave singers, Alex from Clazziquai Project)

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