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Alex Love
8:33 PM
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
I have never known of the miracles of technology until I got Alex. It's SO amazing!! All the things that I could only dream of are now possible. People who already have laptops probably take these things for granted but not me! I'm totally loving my new laptop.

Here is a list of WHY having a laptop totally rocks:

1) I can watch my dramas till the wee morning hours without my mum screaming, "OFF NOW!!"
2) I can read my mangas online in the privacy of my room (THIS IS SUCH A PRIVILEGE)
3) Camwhoring on my new webcam. WHOA! I never owned one before!
4) Personalizing the laptop is so fun
5) I can listen to ALL my songs out loud in my room while lying on my bed (My desktop is in the living room)
6) I have all the time in the world to look through all the gossip sites without my sis bothering me to go on the com
7) I can youtube like nobody's business!
8) I can make vlogs, which previously was impossible for me.Not that I will though, but there's the possibility
9) Privacy when I look through pics of hot kpop, jpop stars and drool at their hotness
10) I can watch all the DBSK vids in PEACE and squeal at Xiah's cuteness
11) I can IM and chat till late at night

The list goes on and on really. Wow. I'm totally amazed by the convenience of owning a laptop. It's CRAZY!!

Though I still prefer my desktop 'cos of the bigger screen and all my stuff is in there too.

Anyway, I'm dying of boredom despite Alex. Why? 'Cos I'm currently suffering from a 40 degree fever and have nothing to do but lay in bed all day, trying to get well asap. I'm suffering from really bad nausea but I can't vomit so, it's really bad. Like my mum had to stay up the whole night last night to sponge my entire body. =( I'm better today thanks to my mum. I don't know why but I physically cannot vomit. I have not vomitted in years actually. My body is trained to NOT vomit and NOT waste food. So even when I try to now, so that it relieves my nausea, I can't. Which is probably why my fever is still running till today.

But I will get better! Simply 'cos I have a strong-ass body. Like seriously. And I'm usually healthy. So... For now, I have to bear with the boredom and rest up. Eventhough I feel as though I've been sleeping the ENTIRE day.

Staring at Alex's screen is giving me a headache already, I gtg rest and EAT LOTS of 'Get-well' food.