Lucky Lucky!

10:12 PM

FINALLY!! My absolute favourite artist of ALL TIME is coming to Singapore for a concert and I don't have some stupid exam to get in the way of me watching him live. I have ALL his albums including his EPs and I have loved him for years and years. He is MY ARTISTIC INSPIRATION...


The best jazz artist in the world. His music is the perfect blend of pop, rock and jazz. And his voice is to die for. OMG, can you imagine how icredibly excited and happy when I found out that he'll be performing in Singapore this year. I was determined to finally watch him this time 'cos all the previous times I had stupid exams. The tickets were out for sale today at 9am. I only managed to buy them during lunch at noon. Can you BELIEVE that within 3 hours only TWO medium-priced seats were left?!! I neevr knew he was THIS popular in singapore especially.

But THANK GOODNESS I decided to be kiasu and went to book the tickets today instead of waiting a few days since the concert is in freakin' 13th April!! Wow. I'm so lucky I managed to grab a ticket before my affordable category tix are all sold out. Eventhough they are lousy seats, at least I'll get to see and hear him.

YAYY! I cannot believe I'll finally get to see my idol live. =DD

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