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I am not as high as I seem but I am so so so happy that it's chinese new year week. I think Chinese New year is the best time of the year! Simply because it's so perfectly placed in february this year and I get to get some days off work. Which I WILL TREASURE forever 'cos I seriously need a break. Plus, Diyanah is finally free enough from all her poly assignments to hang out with me again. ULTIMATE YAYYY!! It's been forever since I last saw my Tarachan! Also, I got to have dinner with Jen dearest and we got to talk and chat till late. We ate at our usual Japanese restaurant and talked and laughed. MANNN, I miss all my friends so much. I sound so mushy but I can't help it. It feels like I've been working for 100 years. Although, it's only been a month plus.

The oly annoying thing is that so many shops are closed for CNY that I can't really find much to eat and to do outside. I wanted to eat something really good but all the bakeries are closed as well. *sigh* I'll just stick to my bar of Meiji Black and Choco Baby! They are just as delicious.

Oh, right! I totally forgot...


I know that everyone forgets that it's Friendship day as well. Like Geez. It's not all about couples you know. It was sort of a mistake to go out with Jen Friday night since everyone was celebrating V.Day a day early 'cos CNY was this weekend. Ugh, so annoying with the bouquets everywhere and all the couples and young people holding hands and cuddling on the mrt. Plus, it was so crowded, this lady's huge-ass bouquet kept smacking my face. like LITERALLY rubbing it in my face that I am alone. UGH. And was there a need to laugh SO LOUD at everything the boyfriend said?

okay, I shall stop being bitter. 'Cos after all it is their day. I'm just really happy that I get to chill at home and read my mangas and watch my dramas with complete ease and calm. A total nerdy weekend is all I need. =) Plus, I think I'll make some small V.Day gifts for my friends, since after all, it is a day of love.

Oh, and when Diy came over yesterday, she gave some of the pics she took for her project in Chinatown. Super duper Chinese New Year shots. Let me show you some. Although they are all of me and it looks a little conceited. Who cares, lah!

This is so full of myself but anyway, I was supposed to be all festive and happy that it's CNY. Which I AM! I ate A WHOLE LOT of Chinese New Year desserts that day. Omg. SO MUCH. Whatevs, I heart new year goodies.

Oops! It's Japan Hour Time. CANNOT miss my absolute fave show on sunday. I love the Japanese scenery and most of all, Japanese Food always looks so damn good. Even if I can't experience it, just LOOKING at it makes me feel good. Haha!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am! Or more!


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