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The Silver Lining
9:56 PM
Thursday, February 04, 2010
WORK IS THE WORST!! not only am I freezing my ass off, but I am gaining TONS of weight from all the desk munch-age. THIS IS BAD.

The only thing that helps me get through the day is the hot Japanese-looking dude sitting beside my desk at work. But, oh, wells! He only comes at 5pm when I'm about to leave soon anyways. Nevertheless, just seeing him brightens my day (and it signals the near end of the day. Like Thank God)

I'm practically doing TWO jobs now, 'cos they have assigned me two duties which I have to do simultaneously. It's so crazy. I have to go there early, before everyone else to get a head start on my work and it keeps piling on throughout the day, so I can't really leave my desk for lunch. I usually have to eat there at my desk, whilst doing work. And then I have to go home LATE as well, 'cos it just NEVER ENDS. The requests keep coming and so, I end up coming hoem really late and annoyed at my day.

Thank God for the Hot Hayashi Kento-looking dude beside me. If not I would have nothing to look forward to at all and spiral into depression.


Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK. OH GLORIOUS FRIDAY!! Signals the end of the week and the start of my weekends. I heart weekends to the max okay.

I am seriously counting down the days till I am free! And I cannot wait to dye my hair! YAY! My roots are CRAZY. It's only been like a month or so since I last dyed my hair and it grew like a WHOLE LOT. My roots are so damn obvious. It's so ugly I hate it. Plus, my bangs are such high maintenance. Anyways, I can't wait to dye my hair and hopefully it'll be light golden brown and not turn out some DULL, DARK golden brown instead like last time. Geez, what a let down.

Anw, I managed to go out with the drama girls. Keetha, Gaya (don't be jealous, Dinah) and Jen! We hung out at Northpoint, which BTW is a really hip and happening place, much to keetha's surprise. HAHA! She dressed so chapalang and only realized too late how awesome and hip Yishun has become. Hells Yeah! We ate Jap food and talked like CRAZY! I'm SO glad I got to eat my salmon! LOTS AND LOTS of Salmon Sushi! =D

I think I should stop eating so much, but it's so hard. I wanna be like my idol, man. I think she's SO hot!

I love this girl! I read her blog all the time! She's my age and she already has had her own line of SHOES. Omg. Props to you, gurrl. Plus, she's so gorgeous. =)

Okay, I have to sleep early now. 'Cos of work. DESTROYS MY LIFE