Rehab Time

8:32 PM

Okay, I haven't been blogging 'cos I have been in major depression mode and I don't wanna be like my old self where I talk about my life and whine about how sucky it is. Or talk in some random emo codes which worries everyone who reads it, thinking that I'm gonna slash my wrists in the middle of the night or something.

Since I am a mature adult now, (like omg totally, it's crazy to see how much I've changed) I waited till I felt better before I actually started talking to people and engaging in social activity. Besides, there wasn't much to talk about anyways. I've been doing nothing but work these days. Work is sucking THE SOUL out of me, mann! Desk job is the PITS! But I guess, it's 'cos of the pay. But at least now I know that I definitely NOT do such a job ever. I much rather have a more social job where I interact with people rather than MACHINES.

I feel really deprived 'cos I've been in 'frugal' mode since the end of last year. Now I can't kick the habit. I've been super saving and all that. It's already the new year and I hardly started on 2010 wardrobe, on my mission to look better. I've only bought a new f21 bandage skirt which is a total STEAL, tres cheap. And a cool ass f21 beaded hair band.

Oh. And chapstick.

HAHAHA! OMG, I need like a life time supply of chapstick. My lips are ultimate absorbers. They absorb stuff DAMN FAST. I have to constantly reapply. I can finish half a tube in about 10 days. Crazy, right? I need it 'cos lately I've been in air-conditioned TTM places like my office and my lips get super cracked and dry no matter how much water I chug down. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lip balm ROCKS! Really smooth and nice! GET IT PEOPLE!! IT IS REALLY AWESOME!! And the tube looks so nice and professional. =)

Anw, I need to shop. My top three things to get are...

1) cardigan ('cos I don't own one. Sad. i know)
2) Fedora (I don't have those either. But I think it'll look okay on me)
3) A shoulder bag (OMG, I've been using my Esprit one for THREE YEARS. It's about time)

The thing I've always wanted to wear is one of those really cool knee leggings or socks whatever. It's so cool to wear with shorts. But I can NEVER wear them. You need to have nice thighs and long legs. Which I have neither. So I can't wear them. Or those super cool knee high boots. They are impractical, but I think they look so fierce. And I want those cool lace mesh leggings. Wish I could pull that off too. =(

But DARN, the thing with desk jobs is that I always feel like stuffing my face so that I won't fall asleep. Yes, it's like JC all over again. I have too keep stuffing my face so that I won't fall asleep 'cos the work is so mentally draining and difficult. I've been eating a WHOLE lot, especially chocolates. Anything chocolate.

Also, wanted to say, DON'T EVER GO SINGTEL!! Lousy service for DAMN EX. My bill is CRAZY. And I can't believe they are charging me for stuff that I never knew EXISTED and never USED. DONT GO SINGTEL! Go M1 or Starhub. Whatever.

My weekends have been pretty packed with class outings to Sentosa (I got TANNED NOOO!!) and helping Diy out with her school project. She needed people to pose and stuff. I was like OMG. I thought it was gonna be in a more private place. But it was in the middle of CHINATOWN in the BLAZING SUN. It was kinda embarassing with everyone staring at me, posing with food infront of Dinesh who had a cool ass cam. It's SO obvious that I was not a model. 'Cos I couldn't pose properly. SO SAD. I realized that modeling is a real talent. But I was just helping out Diyanah so, I went home after that. Like thank GOD for some SLEEP!

Speaking of SLEEP, I've got work tmr. So, I'm going to bed now.

After watching an episode or two. =)

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