Lonely Days

11:33 AM

My life is spiraling downward ever since I got my new job. It's sucking the life out of me literally. I can't say it enough. It's really bad.

The people there hardly talk to each other. All I hear is endless typing and typing and the photocopier and the ring of the telephone. The place is freezing cold which makes it like the Number One most hostile environment on earth. And it's SO stressful. I get headaches everyday and I come home in a rotten rotten mood.

It has completely changed me. I am no longer full of life and joking around and mingling. I suddenly became too tired to do anything. And I can't even talk without depressing the person. It's really bad. I feel like I am losing myself.

But then I just keep thinking it's only two months. ONLY TWO MONTHS. But it was just the first week this week and it has already taken its toll on me. I will never do this for the rest of my life. Like a career. I will definitely kill myself.


Anyway, in my depression, I keep comparing myself to other people and start to feel even worse about myself. I know this is SO lame. 'Cos the people have nothing to do with me. And it's not their fault that they have those traits . But I just start feeling bad, and it's my fault really. I put it on myself. But that's what happens when you're alone and you let your mind wander. It's really lousy.

Okay, I have to try and be positive. (Eventhough it's fo freakin' hard) I finally met up with Keetha and Gaya last night, after work. Keeetha was all glam with a dress and heels that matched the dress and all. She was freakin' TALL okay! And with her long legs, showing it off. HAHA! And Gaya, always glam and she and Diy psychoed me into buying a bandage skirt from Forever 21. I am SO susceptible to that. I was supposed to get a cardigan instead. But oh, wells. Things happen when you're out shopping. I'm really glad I bought it though. Although, Bandage skirts emphasize my hips, I still bought it 'cos it looks very pretty.

Keetha had to leave halfway. THAT BUGGER! Haha. But it can't be helped. It was some family thing. Anw, it was really nice to see everyone again. Eventhough I have to say I'm sorry for being such a depressing wet blanket. I was late 'cos they kept piling work on me at the last minute. And I couldn't leave until it was all done. So awful. I was so stressed. I tried to do it as fast as I can but I still had to be careful and my phone kept vibrating 'cos Diy was calling me since I was so late. I was so stressed!! So when I met up with them, I had like no energy. SO SAD. But sitting down and talking the vivo sky park was really rejuvenating. =)

Most of the pics are in Gaya's cam (William Turner) so, I'll upload them when she uploads them on FB. So, I only have two measly photos of us.

I love Tamaki's camera functions! It's so nice! =)) Eventhough it's only 3.2 megapixels. It rocks! I look so chapalang next to keetha. DAMN! I don't have a pic of my whole outfit. I really liked it too. Next time, I guess.

What's most important is to remember my friends and family. Especially on lonely days like this.

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