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7:09 PM

I am kinda nervous now 'cos tomorrow I'll be starting my new job. It's a stressful desk job so, I'm afraid I won't be able to do a good job. And it's a really established company too. I don't want to screw up. =(

And I still am having issues with my hair. I still think it's awful on me. I know alot of people said it looks fine. But those people are MY FRIENDS. Aren't they supposed to say that to make me feel better? I do like it sometimes, and how it changes my look. But, then I look around and three billion girls around me have the EXACT same haircut and hair colour and they all look like me! I felt like I became a CLONE. I almost went crazy!!! UGH!

So horrible.

Anyway, this week was fun! I met up with Ben and Diy and ate some sushi. Thanks for the treat! And I went to Wan Cheng's 21st birthday party too! She made me eat WHEAT. HAHAHA! It tasted surprisingly good as a dessert and not to mention the awesome four leaves cake. I also went out with Jen and we camwhored like crazy. So fun! Then we chatted all night at Starbucks. I loved my outfit that day! It's part of my new look for 2010! SEQUINSS!!! Check it out!

Top: From Urban Outfitters. It's a really edgy peacock design.
Skirt: From River Island. I love it to death. The price I got was a total STEAL.
Wedges: From Mitju. Never knew this shoe shop existed but I'm glad I stepped in!

Now check out my hot friends! HAHA! My photography skills rock okayy!

Look at JEN! Looking fierce. Haha! Both her dress and belt are from Forever 21. It's so pretty! And the prices are crazy unbelievable. Even her bag is from Forever 21 New York. Her mom
got it for her in the US. How cool is that? Jen looks so korean that day with her beaded hairband. And her korean eyes. Haha!

Diyanah, my hot best friend. =) Forever 21 top, Mango Jeans and all American Corduroy Converse sneakers to go with her laid back casual outfit. And the awesome Guess Messenger bag. Can anyone be hotter? Haha!


(hate my hair)

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