My name is Sadako.

8:50 PM


I was supposed to have a new look. Which I guess, this counts for something but I'm pretty sure that I had this exact look when I was in primary school. I haven't had straight bangs for SO long I forgot why I never wanted to have them in the first place. THEY MAKE ME LOOK SEVEN. And not to mention, I look a trillion times more cheena. Damn. I completely forgot.

I don't blame the hairdresser. She cut them well, I guess. And she was like, don't cut so much at the back 'cos I was planning to do the waves thing. Which I will only do after february along with my light brown dye. Right now, I have to look like an office worker and be as plain as humanly possible. BUT DAMN!! HOW CAN I FORGET how bangs always make me look like a 7 year old chinese girl.

Okay, it's over! I can't do anything about it except make the best of what it is. Besides, my hair grows at an unnaturally fast pace so, hopefully, my hair will grow out nicely and I won't look so much like Sadako and more of fashion forward modelly type.

Anyway, I took a photo right after it was done, this one is the BEST one that didn't make me look like I was gonna crawl out of some sort of TV. DAMN DAMN DAMNNNN!!!! And my hair isn't as straight, so when I sweat it tends to puff out too.

I admit it looks fine in this photo but I realize that look weird when I tie my hair and after the blow dry, since then my hair is doing some MAJOR poofing. Definitely need a straightener.

The worst part of today was sending Tamaki to the LG repair centre yet again 'cos I decided that he was lagging way too much and I couldn't send out smses for some strange reason. I'm so pissed off. I'll have to use Erika for now. She has never failed me, like seriously. And apparently, it will only be ready for collection within two working weeks. I'm like wtf?! SO LONG?!! Whatever it takes to get Tamaki in working condition. I don't mind.

Alrighty, I'm off. Tmr I'll be hanging out with Jen! =))

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