My week of Outings!

4:50 PM

I almost forgot to blog about Priya's surprise for her 18th birthday. Dinah and Sham had a crazy plan but it was foiled due to some technical problems. So I suggested to buy this super ass sequined dress from New Look. It was pink and entirely made out of sequins. It was a perfect beyonce-eat-your-heart-out dress. And then we made her wear it and walk around Orchard road and making people turn heads. I did her make up and all. It was so fierce!

But it was pretty sad 'cos I had to leave soon after since I had work that day. But it was fun to see her face and expression and everyone else's expression on Orchard road when Priya walked by.

Jen and I also went out to town to do some major shopping and check out the new malls and shops. We saw tons of cool dresses. Especially THAT chiffon dress which was so perfect for Jen! (PLS GET IT!!) We got some cool shots at Ion's glowing walls. Tres cool! Looks like we're in a disco.

Check them out!

By the way, I introduced Jen to HK cafe's milk tea, which ROCKS. Can you believe she has never tried it before?! EVERYONE PLEASE TRY IT!! BEST most CREAMIEST Milk Tea ever that does not lose it's delicious creamy-ness or deep tea taste even after the ice melts and dilutes it. TOTALLY WORTH YOUR MONEY!! GET IT TODAY!

And I also went shopping with Wan Cheng who is the worst shopping partner ever! She'll make you wanna buy everything!! Damn herr!! She's a shopaholic too though. Haha! The hot ass shoes from F21 are killer. I miss my Fcuk friends! They're so awesome, but I'm glad I got to meet up with Wan Cheng!

But it's okay, whatever I spend will be part of my new look for 2010. I am really excited about wearing new nice clothes and getting my new hair! YAYY!! It'll be my only time to let my hair down and really dress up before I start work and become an office rat.

But then again knowing me, I've gone shopping for my office look too. And with help from pieces from Diyanah's wardrobe which she has kindly lent me, I am ready to tackle the office look and make it hot. Especially with my Miss Selfridge work pants which were a total STEAL at only $29!!

Anwyay, I love today since it's my days at home. yayyy! I love doing nothing. It is the best feeling in the world. =)

Sidethought: Should I do bangs? I think alot of ppl have it already and like I dunno if it'll go with my super wide face... I shall think about it.

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