Good Riddance 2009.

10:59 PM

It's already 2010.

And all I can say is THANK GOD I survived 2009 and that it's finally over. What a horrible, horrible year. Worst, most emotional year ever. But there were some fun times with all my lovely JC friends. I love eating at all the cool places they brought me to.

I know I should do a whole review of my 2009. Which is like a mandatory thing and make new year resolutions, which I usually love doing. I mean, I love listing things down. I love making lists. It's just a habit of mine. But I am so freakin' lazy to do it. And I don't wanna jinx it. What if it doesn't happen and I'm get all disappointed in myself. I have to stop being so negative. i suppose that's a good resolution for 2010.

But I have to say a lot of thanks to all of the most imporatnt people ever. Those who bothered to keep in contact with me and actually cared about what happens in my life. Trust me, I will return the favour and care about you twice as much! To my family who supported me through the A'level season (which turned me into a absolute monster). My work friends like Wan Cheng and Julin who are crazy shopaholics. And to my dear class 0834. THE BEST CLASS okay. We so different from the rest!

And of course my best friends, Diyanah (TOMO) who ROCKS MY WORLD. Thank God you live so nearby and we do all sorts of (embarassing) stuff together. Cannot wait till March, Tomo. We can do it 'cos we are Tarachan-su! Hontouni.

And Jen Lee, my KINDRED SPIRIT!! I would've died if I had no one to turn to during JC. YOU helped me get through all that crap. Thank you for making 2009 bearable and injecting joy into it. NOW 2010! We'll tackle it and make it the best year ever!

NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK! It's time to get my MANDATORY most important aspect of new year. To hell with the emotional deep thinking and re-thinking about the future and what it holds for you. Sucks eggs. I hate thinking about that. INSTEAD, I tend to think about a new look and new style for a new me for 2010. The future has arrived and this year I will become a full-fledged adult and LEAVE my teenhood.


I am so old. Like, WHERE DID MY LIFE GO? I'm really afraid of adulthood. Anyway, I'm gonna get a new hairstyle. I haven't decided on anything really concrete. I realized that I can do whatever I want. And I don't even have to be in a uniform ever again for the rest of my life. YESSSS!! I'm doing Light Golden brown (hopefully it will turn out the RIGHT colour) and maybe bangs? I haven't decided. I dunno if I'll look good in bangs, actually. I'll be perming after february when I get the money. REALLY EXCITED for my new look! I LOVE REINVENTING MYSELF. Pls do that too, people!

I need new clothes and try out new things. I wanna look good so, I wanna just tone up a bit. I have accepted the fact that I probably can never lose any weight simply because, I love food too much and the fact that my mom is such a KILLER cook. I can't NOT eat. But I can be healthy and tone up. That'll help with my new look. I wanna be able to wear skinny jeans without looking like the seams are gonna BURST. Without abandoning my love for food.

And since I will be a full-fledged adult soon. It's about time I become more mature and practical. I don't mind leavin' the immaturity behind. But not the spontaneity. Or the fun.

This year, I wanna live life with no regrets. 'Cos I can.

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