Crowd Lu!

9:54 PM

Can you believe I will be working on New year's day? Yes, this is how I will spend my first day of 2010. Ugh. Ugh. UGHH. Okay I don't really have a choice. But it's still okay, I guess. It's just that I'm super exhausted these few days. I want a day to totally rest and sleep the whole day away to recharge. I haven't had a day like that yet and it's been non-stop activity.

My body battery is majorly low right now.

Still, I'll have to press on. No matter what.

Omg, I just found out that this Taiwanese singer called Crowd Lu TOTALLY ROCKS OKAY!! His music is damn nice. I love his voice and he writes his own songs. Which always make me respect the singer tremendously. My fave of ALL TIME is still Khalil Fong (方大同). But this guy is my hot fave now. So good! Y'all must listen, like seriously.

Here, I have one of the mvs to one of my fave songs from him. he looks damn nerdy but his voice is so nice!

Anyways, I've gotten my planner for 2010 courtesy of Diyanah and I am ready to start planning ahead and preparing for the new year. I'm trying not to think about the A'level results. 'Cos just thinking about it makes me so scared I might piss my pants. I want to be all slim and pretty for the new year. But I dunno if I can do that in time.

Everyone is telling me how awesome Avatar is and that I should watch it. It's a movie about BLUE PEOPLE. And the fact that it's named Avatar and it's NOT the Avatar: The Last Airbender pisses me off. I am only gonna watch THAT Avatar okay. But apparently the 3D one was damn good. I might check it out when I get a day off or something.

But for now, I'm REALLY looking forward to SHERLOCK HOLMES with the only old man I would wanna shag, Robert Downey Jr. How can someone that old be THAT hot. Puts all you young men to shame. Oh, and Jude Law is tere too, the man who probably has shagged everyone. He just has that man-slut face. And nothing wrong with that pls. Man Sluts have to be hot too.

Alrighty, morning shift tmr. Gotta go.

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