I hate people.

8:10 PM

GRARW!! I realize that the world is filled with weird and rude people who are like THE WORST. First, I had a woman who got ANGRY at me when I told her that there is no size zero at Fcuk for ALL the boutiques and women's clothing. She got so agitated and 'tsk' me. I was like "OH NO SHE DIDNT". But well, customer service... So, I had to just say it quietly in my head. Like HELLOOOO who the heck wears size ZERO?! And she wasn't even like THAT skinny. A size zero should be like bones or like really really skinny. I was like, "Girrrlllll, you've gotta be kidding me. Your big head can't fit into no size zero, man."

Then I had this girl who made me check stock for new piece through the phone like THREE times 'cos she kept changing her information and I had to climb the freakin' ladder so many times and when I finally got it, she hung up on me. So all that work for nothing. OMFG. I was so pissed. Like the least you could do was wait till I came back on and tell me, it's okay, I got it already. Geez.

And ONE MORE THING. People who takes things out of hangers and just prop the clothes on TOP of the hangers on the rack ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST. THEY SHOULD DIE DIE DIEEEEEEEEEE!!! Can't they just take TWO seconds and hang it back or at the very very least leave it at the fitting room pile?


Okay, I'm done complaining. Wan Qian and Julin from work are so funny! They make it so much more bearable than it really is.

Moving on to happier things, there is a pasar malam under my block and I am now eating cup corn and drinking my ABSOLUTE favourite Sugar Cane Juice (ftw). I get to eat it as much as I want. And omg, Diyanah introduced me to Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. IT ROCKS MY WORLD. It has a brush and everything and it's so easy to put on and stays on forever without fading until I wash it off. It's the best! I got it the next day, immediately. Best eyeliner ever.

I am FINALLY not a monster anymore. With the stupid stupid plaster on my nose bridge. Thank goodness, but there's still a scar that has yet to fully heal. I hope it gets better soon, like seriously. I get so paranoid thinking that people are staring at it. I shall you you a pic of it soon.

And Diyanah spent Christmas with me. ROCKS TTM, mannnn. She went over to my place and we did all sorts of stuff and enjoyed a cool concert on KBS. Haha! Hot guys galore. And I helped her get her Devon Aoki hair with my Vidal Sasoon straightener.

Tara time is the best time ever. =D

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