Scarface Christmas.

1:02 AM

I have like a MAJOR scab on my face so I have to walk around in plaster for the past few days. That seriously SUCKS. I look like a COMPLETE monster.

I will be spending Christmas at home, away from the public eye. Just like Quasimodo. AARGH! I AM SO HIDEOUS NOW! But other than that, things have been pretty good! =) Work has been fun fun fun 'cos my colleagues are so nice. Eventhough some customers are the worst. PLS DON'T TROUBLE THE SALES PEOPLE by MESSING up the Sales Wagon unless YOU ARE BUYING SOMETHING. Thank you.

Diyanah's coming over my place so YAYY!! =D Can't wait for that! It will make my week, like seriously. Jen Lee would be back from beijing soon as well. And I'm looking forward to hang with her. Besides my face and my Thunder thighs, I am enjoying life after As.

I still don't wanna think about it. The dreaded results. I want to enjoy life while I still can. Tamaki, my new phone kicks ass! I feel so Gossip Girl when I type messages out now. And the Christmas sales are really good! I got finally got myslef a sequined skirt, which I have always wanted from River Island. My legs don't look nice in them, but it's okay. I love sequins!! =D

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