Tamaki my new beau.

9:36 PM

I got my phone!! LG GW525!! It's so gorgeous!


He is so awesome. Eventhough Singtel totally cheated me off my money. Like it was stated in their website and their promotions that it was zero dollars for my contract. And I was renewing it. Usually, I would get the promotion as well. At least, that was what happened with my last phone, Erika. But then all of a sudden they said I had to pay like 188 bucks for it.
I almost fainted and died on the spot.


Apparently, it's only if someone changes operator or chooses a completely new contract. Renewing apparently has like a 100 dollar fee too. Like WTF? But thank god that my mum was generous enough to chip in. But now I owe her MAJOR MONEY. I need to work EXTRA hard now to pay off my debt.

But it's worth it 'cos Tamaki is SO CUTE!! He looks like a toy phone! =D Love him!

Okay, I'm off. Gotta work tmr.

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