Thunder Thighzes.

9:11 PM

Oh, mannnn! Diyanah told me like the average thigh size for a girl my age is like 16-18 inches. I was like,


WHUT?! THAT IS SO THIN!! This just means that I am so incredibly huge. Like I knew my thighs have been on the larger side but I thought they were like average size. But According to what Diy told me and what I checked online, they are WAY WAY WAY above average for someone MY HEIGHT (which is really short). It's like 20++ inches. This totally bummed me out. Like I felt really happy being home 'cos tomorrow is my day off but I'm super bummed about my thigh size now. =(

But when I checked out like how small the average thighs are, I'm thinking I can NEVER get them that size. I would have to not eat forever and like exercise and run and stuff. But I'm too lazy for that and I love food...

Omg. I don't think it's possible but I'm even more bummed than before.

Darn my thunder thighs.

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