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I suppose I should update and talk about all the past events that just FLEW by in a flash. I wished time would've slowed down a little. It's so annoying how I can't even let anything really sink in until it's like the end of it all, and by that time it's too late to really appreciate anything really.

First and foremost, Rain's concert was AMAZING. Like the BEST concert EVER!! 'Cos it was a small performance kind of thing and I was like at the front row 5. It was as though he was right in front of me. The crowd was lame 'cos they were all VIP business people who don't really jam. So I ended up dancing and screaming like a maniac by myself. I didn't care that everyone was staring at me. Whatever ppl! It's a CONCERT. Like HELLLOOOOO. All I can say is that the music was AWESOME 'cos Rain sounds amazing live. He sang live all the way and danced non stop. For like two hours, no break. Great job! I think he's great. He sang all my favourite songs. It was the best time ever. Thank you Bi Ina for the tickets! I love you for them. Here are some pics.

Here are the tix! I can't believe the price. It's like $500 each! I'm so lucky to get them. Plus they moved us like four rows up so I got even closer seats. wow.

And the show starts. With a bang! I just took pics like at the start 'cos my camera sucks. Cameras aren't really allowed but I just smiled at the guards and they kinda closed one eye. My cam sucks anyway. Only managed some clear shots of him. Not putting them all up 'cos... I'm scared of Sharleen. Anw, I didn't take much more pics 'cos I was too busy dancing and enjoying myself to bother taking pics or video taping like everyone else. I wanted to just soak in the moment.

He is EXTREMELY hot is real life. Just so you know. Much better in person than in TV. Alot taller too. And his body... omg. Words can't describe. It's like perfect. He ripped off his shirt at one point. And like, yea. Definitely 0% fat. I believe it.

After the concert. A bunch of ppl screaming for rain to come out. As if he will. I was content. =) Did a lot of interviews after that. It was fun! Doing interviews and ppl taking pics of you.

I won't talk anymore about it 'cos Sharleen might kill me. I AM SORRY SHARLEEN!! It was just an opportunity I couldn't miss. Don't be mad at me!


Moving on, so, the next morning, I flew back to Singapore and arrived at noon. It was crazy 'cos I was sick, jet lagged and I had NO SLEEP at all the night before. Like honestly not even one wink. Which is BAD 'cos that's the night of my prom and after party. So I should be out till late.

I managed two hours of sleep and overslept. No time to do my hair or anything. Which is such a shame.

All I did was take a bath. Put on my dress, my accessories and shoes. I did my make up myself. And just rushed out. Arrived JUST IN TIME. Like would've been damn late if I hadn't ran to Grand Hyatt. I didn't manage to see everyone's outfit my table was rocking. My class is so fashionable. I love wanting's outfit the most. SO HER. And her shoes are killer!

Shan looks gorgeous no matter what she wears. She's so pretty! And Julia is SO classy. Weijian came in shorts with a tux coat over it. It was so funny but very him. Enci wore Dr Martens. She's so cool, lah.

The food SUCKED EGGS. SUCKS TO THE MAX!!! I had the halal meal and it was SO BAD. Like the worst EVER! They served oily, fried stuff. Samosas and mutton soup. Which had SO MUCH OIL it aggrevated my throat even more. Especially since I had a really bad sore throat. Then they served us BAD briyani and some curry thing. Like C'MON!!! Halal does not ALWAYS have to mean briyani okay. Like we have a variety. Geez. I hated it so much. Paid 90 bucks NOT to eat.

Other than that, it was a good prom. Made fun 'cos of my friends! Here are some pics.

My outfit when I left from home. I love my dress!! It's a cocktail party dress. Black, sleeveless with turtleneck and this cute back. I bought my awesome hair accessory from Indonesia. Really cheap but looks so great. I needed it so that I don't look too plain. Love my heels too! You can't see it but the heel part is blue! =)) I didn't do anything to my hair though. *sighs* Oh, well!!

Wanting, Shan, me and julia! My friends are SO PRETTY!!! =)

Class photo!

I coped photos from other people 'cos my cam sucks. This is the only nice pic I managed to get from it. Eileen looks so handsome. Haha! Love what Wanting's wearing, lahh.

Okay, there's a whole lot so fother pics. GO to facebook to check them out if you want to. Or not. Whatever. (I am so glad I have facebook now! So easy to take pics from ppl)

And then was the after party at Rebel, clarke quay. It was PACKED TO THE MAX. Like PACKED with ppl. I guess 'cos it's friday night. But there was barely space to dance. At first it was like kinda annoying since I could barely move. But then the music got good and we (Shan, Wanting, Crystal, Nabihah, XL and Chanel) managed to find a space to dance and danced like there's no tmr. It was so fun!! Wanting got super high okay!!

It was all fun and I had a great time. Shan had to leave early. I finally wiped out a little seeing as I had lack of sleep and was on heels the entire day. I sat down at a corner and like big mistake. 'Cos suddenly wanting screamed and I was like wtf?

We saw like two fat ppl doing IT right there. Soooooo gross. I almost puked. And then I told Nabihah, We are getting OUT of there like PRONTO, now. And I left. I think the rest stayed and partied alot longer. But I'm glad I got out a little early 'cos I started to not feel well on the cab back. (must be 'cos I was so super traumatised)

HAHAHA! Funny pics but you can see how PACKED it was. Still fun though! I love dancing so much! Wish I could've danced all night! =DD

But when i got home and lay on my bed. OMGGGGGG HEAVEN!!!! Miss my bed so much!! I slept the entire day the next day. And I got more sick. No voice at all.

I'm better now! =) I just went this morning to help Jen with her prom shoe shopping.

This is a damn long post, man. Sorry about that!

But I didn't even talk about my vacation which rocked as well!! Okay, fine. Next time! I'm gonna watch my japanese drama now.

Catch y'all later! =)

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