No regrets.

7:52 PM

I'm actually back in Singapore now. In wonderful Singapore. I MISS SINGAPORE!! I love my home. It is the BEST HOME in the world. Love my bed. Love my shower. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this place right now.

And I know I promised pictures. Which I will get to. PROMISE. But this is like a quickie 'cos i just felt like updating for a while. Plus I'm sick so, i don't feel like ranting and doing a difficult post with pics.

Guess what?

I'll be flying BACK to Jakarta like tomorrow MORNING. Yes, the day BEFORE my prom. I know I am crazy. Why? 'Cos my aunt scored VIP tickets to watch Rain live in concert in his Asian tour. HOW could I say no to that? Plus, my dad scored a flying voucher as well, which I will be using to fly back to Indonesia. For one night. This is SO SUPER last minute and spontaneous.

God continues to surprise me. I can't believe such a great opportunity has presented itself to me. I'm really happy although I am really sorry to have bothered all my aunts and parents. But it's a once in a lifetime chance. So, I gotta grab it to make the most of my life. I can't just sit back and think that things will just work out like that. I gotta jump on the train before it leaves and I regret it all.


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