Five Star Relief

12:29 AM

My family's now in a five star hotel in Jakarta called Hotel Borobudur. Like total 360 degrees switch from the kampong life I've been living. I realized I am so extremely pampered and totally a city chick. Sleeping on the flor has given me MAJOR pains ad aches all over my body such that the only real sleep I get is during car rides to and fro destinations. Pretty sad but still, it's a great experience.

GOTTA LOVE THIS HOTEL THOUGH. Sooooo posh. The bed is super huge and king sized. I took pics of it all, but unfortunately... I can't post them since I'm typing this quickly from the lobby. (Internet is damn lag here) I PROMISE PICTURES AS SOON AS I GET HOME. I know my blog is like the most boring ever but whatever. I know at least Diyanah reads this. Haha!

Hari Raya Haji's tmr. It's a super big thing here. Goats EVERYWHERE. I do not wanna see them get sacrificed 'cos I'm afraid it might turn me into a vegetarian. I can stomach gore flicks but not when it's happening LIVE in front of me with animals. My dad will be joining us tmr too. He finally got off work. We'll be leaving for a tres tres long ride from the city to the countryside of Bandung. Very excited about that although it would be hard for me to say goodbye to the lovely toilets in this hotel.

Other than World Peace, my second wish is for the world to have plumbing. I swear, I take Singapore for granted at times.

And bad news bad newsssss!! I ATE TOO MUCH!! I am extremely convinced that I gained weight. Stupid delicious Indonesian food. So high calorie and sooo efing good. Not to mention so effing CHEAP!! I ate so much these past fw days and I haven't been doing much exercise either. So, I am pretty sure that I will look fat and ugly for prom. =(((( This is AWFUL! DARN MY APPETITE!! So much for having a shot at prom queen. Though I was pretty sure I won't be. But as in now I won't look good at all.

I'll try not to think about that now. =( I'm gonna go sleep now! Goodnight everyone!

Or maybe just Diyanah who's reading this. Haha!

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