Sashimi Love

9:10 PM

I am here in Indonesia, Jakarta typing away using my aunt's laptop. =))

So far, my vacation has been pretty cool. I'm back at my kampong. Living it rough but still lovin' it. I'll be heading of to Bandung by the end of this week. Like Friday, I think. Not too sure. It depends on my parents. But that's the part of my vacation which I am looking forward to the most. It's a shopping haven and loads of nice scenery apparently. So I'm looking forward to that.

I went to Jakarta's SUPER HUGE TO THE MAX mall. It's so huge. Like not tall, but it goes on and on. I got lost for awhile. And I got to eat at a super posh Japanese Restaurant here. It's so expensive and high class with like chefs making the sushi right in front of you and serving it fresh. I ate TONS. Like seriously TONS.

Which is really bad 'cos I have a very bad feeling that I will gai weight by the time I get back to Singapore. THIS IS BAD. 'Cos I have PROM.

But the food is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. The sashimi is like THE BEST SASHIMI I have EVER tasted. The thickness was PERFECT, the fish was so freakin' fresh and it just MELTED in my mouth. I had to get another plate. The chef was really cute too. And my mumtotally embarassed me by saying that I liked the guy and all.

So high school.

But he was really cute and he loked really happ as I enjoyed my sashimi that he prepared. Besides that I ha all sorts of sushi and zaru soba which can totally kick Sakae's ass. It is sooo good. (I know I've been saying that alot but I am dead serious).

I dunno what I'll be doing tmr but I hope it's something fun. I would post pics but they are all in my camera so, I shall post them all when I get back. =)

Alrighty, I'm off.

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