Wedding Bliss.

8:44 PM

Because I am such a sap.

I couldn't help but be so touched when I read this. Tablo from my favourite korean hip hop group Epik High just tied the knot recently with famous korean actress Kang Hye-jung and I was reading about their wedding ceremony. They're wedding vows are so EFFING SWEET. I wanna cry okay.

Damn it. Why can't I get someone like that and be happy? They are so happy. I wish them all the happiness in the world. They look great together.

The photos are lovely and capture the couple looking happy on their big day. Kang took her vows, saying, “If in the far-off future someone were to ask me what my life’s achievements were … I would say that it was the time I spent living by your side, spending forever with you, loving you and holding you.”

Tablo said, “I think you are my echo. When I first met you, I thought that it was as if all of the things I had shouted out into the world before knowing you had come back to me in your form. … All the hopes and wishes, dreams and happinesses that you have carried thus far, I’ll give to you. I love you.”

So beautiful. =)) I love reading about these love stories. 'Cos they're happening in real life. =)

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